PUBG Mobile guide Unveils Mysterious “Battlefield Rhythm” Veil

If you watch live broadcasts on a regular basis, you will find that many anchor teams have a very forbidden feeling when they are fighting. In particular, many retractable shots make us happy, such as four people. When the guns are fired at an instant and the enemy is swiftly killed or the enemy vehicle is discovered, the four people concentrate on the firepower and can even instantly destroy the enemy vehicles before the enemy gets off. So today is to analyze why so many anchor teams ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Which is the best shotgun? DP-28 God to help!

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the most popular weapon is the automatic rifle series, compared to players who are familiar with guns. As a choice of more than 90% of players, the rifle takes with its unique charm, However, some unpopular weapons have the strength of mainstream rifles. The series of machine guns is a typical example. Here we have brought you one of the game’s heavy weapons. DP-28 light machine gun gameplay analysis. Spea ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Gun God quickly develops mind, eat chicken from this

It is believed that many players are the first to experience games such as stimulating the battlefield. Whenever they encounter an enemy, they will be easily killed and feel that their marksmanship is not satisfactory. Let’s talk about how you can today. Quickly improve your shooting accuracy. Selection of Firearms Accuracy is the prerequisite for shooting with the enemy. However, having a gun suitable for you is the key. For the selection of firearms, the ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide How did the Gundam King become?

In the case of stimulating people from the battlefield, they do not seek chickens and never consider cooperation. A cricket may not be able to fire without firing a few shots, but no matter what the stage, the number of shots is total. It is high and always active in the center of the battle. This type of person is what we often call the Gunnery. Although their style of play may appear to be very “no brain” in many LYBs who like to win by strategy, no doub ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide You don’t know how strong they are! Outdated weapon

PUBG Mobile: The weaponry in the exciting battlefield is very rich, but there are several weapon types with very low weapon usage rate. The players mostly know little about them , and These unpopular weapons often have places that other firearms cannot match. This article will bring you some of the strengths of overt weapons. VSS] The sniper rifle is a ten-minute love weapon for players. The range and power of the super range are unmatched by other firearms, bu ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Breaking the routine, eating chicken is so casual

In the exciting battlefield, we are inadvertently escaping from the influence of thoughts. Let us make some or impulsive actions that lead us to pass by with chickens. Here we come to sum up what actions may be the product of escaping from the mind, in the future to overcome this psychological can easily eat chicken. : When you hear footsteps, you choose to wait and see. I believe many players have this habit! Well, is this right? Isn’t it wrong to say so early? I ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Explore the secrets of the island’s air-raid shelters!

In the PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield, each area in the map has its own unique features. Understanding the topographical features and material distribution of each map in advance will allow players to have a good start experience. . Today we will explain to you the terrain features and strategic strategies of the air-raid shelter area. [Topographic Analysis] The terrain of the air-raid shelter is rather special. He needs the player to enter the cave to fin ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide version 556 full firearms comprehensive performance analysis!

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, firearms using 5.56mm bullets are among the most popular rifles in the game. So what exactly do these firearms do in the game? Does it really deserve us to be used as a main weapon? The following analysis of the overall performance of the 556 firearms has been provided to all of you. Let’s take a look at the members of the 556 family: M416, M16A4, SCAR-L, M249, AUG The following case is full mat ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide is lost to the donuts? It’s because you don’t know where the car is

I believe we all have the experience of fighting with the poisonous circle. The location of skydiving has not been found to be good enough to cause the entire game to run from beginning to end. The feeling of running a mouthful of medicine for two steps is absolutely unforgettable. Today, I arranged the location of vehicles for some important locations for everyone. With the car you can attack and retreat to run, so you want to eat chicken, remember the location of the ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Battlefield Peter Pan, Vehicle Attack Specialist Voldemort

In the “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield”, the vehicle is a very important element. Reasonable use of the vehicle can keep us from the risk of being poisoned by the poisonous circle and can use the vehicle in combat. Efficiently moved to some of the no-ones to seize supplies, and then quickly ran back to the main battlefield for harvesting. Vehicles, in addition to taking us on a fast manoeuvre, have two other roles, namely when the bunker and the vehic ...... More