PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] The battlefield is amazed by the Ferris wheel? You are not mistaken for the amusement park!

The rainforest map is called “the scorpion” in the new version, and it can be said that there is no shortage of time. When the new map was hidden in front of your eyes and forgot to open, our old folk island map quietly started. Desert maps are accompanied by sports cars, and the new maps are eye-catching with “young beauty”. If the island map does not do anything, I am really sorry for the position of my big brother. If you are running ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] This is called exciting the battlefield! Fast-paced rainforest map hits

Following the Jedi Island and the Passion Desert, a new map to stimulate the battlefield: the warm rainforest – Sano is also coming strong. Here is a paradise of guns and madmen, and also a holy place in the hearts of the major Voldemort and LYB. In the rainforest map, will you see new routines and tactics, ready to meet new maps? Don’t want to go out and bend in the hot summer vacation? Let’s take a look at the tropical “resort” that stimulates the battlefield? ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Quickly get started with new weapons, QBZ assault rifle

QBZ is New version of Rainforest Map. In the rainforest map, this assault rifle will completely replace SCAR-L before , becoming a featured firearm on the rainforest map. So how does this firearm appear in the game? In this issue, we will bring you a comprehensive interpretation of the QBZ assault rifle. Let’s take a look. [firearm background] The QBZ assault rifle prototype in the game is a rifle for the official large-scale installation ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide to see wild guns to see! Rainforest map resource point level initial solution

“PUBG Mobile Stimulates the Battlefield” The new map is warm and rainy. More important than the players expect, there is a resource problem. After all, there is often a big difference between the choice of players and the players who play wild players. So what is the distribution of the major resource points in the rainforest map? Let’s take a look! Low-level resource point Most of the low-level resource points are at the edge of the rai ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Is there a ghost in the house? These points teach you to deal with the house LYB

In the stimulating battlefield, collecting items into the house is almost a necessary process in the game. Many LYB players have learned to use this game mechanism to quickly use the method of driving or accelerating landing. Occupy a building, then close the door and hide in a small room to quietly wait for the prey to be arrested. Many players who do not have the heart will often be relieved of the vigilance by seeing the door closed, so that they are being collected when collectin ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide A wonderful new experience!

New Map – Passionate Rainforest Coming soon Meet the players, I believe in the experience of new guns and sensory stimulation After , there is still a problem with more players, that is, unfamiliar with the new map, let’s take a look at the new map “Sano”! In the rainforest map, not only the map area is smaller, but the game rhythm will be faster. And weapons and other materials are relatively richer, so the intensity of the game is not com ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: How should the final moment of the finals run to make you eat chicken?

In “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield”, I believe that many of my friends are just like the sister-in-law, who can easily get a few people in the early days. When I entered the finals in the late game, I was always killed at this critical time. It was very smooth in the early period. Why did you stick to the finals but you would be killed? It is very angry! It’s estimated that the little friends are just like the sisters. When they reach the finals, they are ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Passionate summer! Rainforest version important changes overview

Passionate summer The rainforest map is about to debut. I believe that players are keen to understand the most influential changes in the game. In this issue, we will take stock of each of them in detail, and the new version will be available online. Let’s take a look. [Interface display] The main interface settlement interface has undergone major changes. Compared with the previous version of the character’s strength, the new version of the main interface ...... More

Analysis of the card points and placements of the YB building of the PUBG Mobile guide training base

In the rainforest map, the training base is one of the most popular points. First, it has a good geographical position, and secondly, it is rich in materials, which is called a resource point. The two advantages make the area a favorite of landing gun players. In this issue, we are talking about one of the key buildings of the training base, Y Building. [Architectural Overview] Y is located in the central area of ​​the training base and is the largest buildi ...... More

PUBG Mobile guide Where is the rainforest map? A picture to help you solve your troubles!

Stimulating the battlefield “The Passion for a Summer” version finally met with you today. Did you update the game today? Chicken is the first time to enter the new version, see the new map, that excitement! Excited to be excited, but when the chicken is on the plane, watching the attractive rainforest map is delayed No skydiving, where is the right jump? Passion Rainforest & mdash; Sano’s most comprehensive resource map Click on the im ...... More