Arcane Online-[IP issue] My IP address is not recognized, I can’t play…-[Arcane Online]

[As of November 2016, there is no more IP block, so this message is now irrelevant]

For several reasons, you can only play Arcane Online if your IP address is from one of the countries where the game is being distributed and available in the app store.

Here are the countries where Arcane Online is live:
– North America, Central and South America (New Sept ’16)
– Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines
– Europe
*If you are from one of these countries, just kill the app and relaunch it if you have a error message, it should solve your issue in most cases*
We use a third party service to recognize all the IP ranges across the world and attribute them to each country, hence giving you access to the game and corresponding server list based on your region.
If your IP is not recognized, there could be two reasons:
1. You are not playing from a country where the game is available. It can happen if you travelled outside your home country or downloaded the game from a 3rd party website.
2. You IP address has not been identified by our third party service for some reasons.
3. There is a identification issue, just kill the app and relaunch it! 😉
If you are in the second case, please check what is your public IP from a website like (wifi and/or mobile) and send us a message via the "Contact Us" button letting us know your problem and public IP addresses.
We will then verify the country of this IP and whitelist it if needed so that you can access the game.

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