Arcane Online-[Server] Is the server under maintenance, or down, or else?-[Arcane Online]

Arcane Online is a massively multiplayer game and the back-end infrastructure to make this works is quite complex. As a result we will regularly do server maintenances, but it can happen also that the server is down (so far we had one long downtime on the North American Chaos server after 1 month of service).

So how to make the difference?
  • Server Maintenances
Regular server maintenances will be announced in-game the day before usually, with an in-game notice image, a news in-game and on Facebook, and a few notice messages at regular intervals just before the maintenance.
Note that the weekly server maintenances are currently on Wednesdays, 1AM CST (Chaos) and 5PM AEST (Eldine)
In case we discovered a serious issue in-game, we may have to do an emergency maintenance. Emergency maintenances will happen with very short notice, depending how serious is the issue.
In any case, if you have a doubt please check the Facebook page: where we will communicate about the status of the maintenance.
  • Server Downtime

In case the game servers go down (it can happen for tons of reasons), you will see that you can usually login but when you arrive on the Servers List the game server(s) will be greyed out.
This means the server are offline right now, no worries we will do our best to put them back up as soon as possible.
When this happens, it is best not to spam us with lots of messages by email, customer support, Google reviews, etc as it just takes us more time to manage this and answer promptly.
We recommend you to all visit our Facebook page in that situation, you will surely be able to see there that you are not alone 🙂
Thank you for your understanding and patience when these technical problems occur.
  • Other Technical Issues
For technical issues which affect your account/character in particular, please contact us directly and explain us your problem with as much details as possible. You can contact us via the game directly if you have access to it, or via the web platform if you can’t.
Thank you!

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