Arcane Online-[Lag] The game is lagging a lot, can you fix it?!-[Arcane Online]

MMORPGs, which require a permanent connection between the game client and the game server at any moment, are a type of games that can often be subject to the so-called "lags".
However "lag" can be caused by a number of factors and often falls into one of the two categories below:
1- it can be network related (latency):
all your actions in-game connect to the game server which is located in Amazon AWS (USA West/East coast, or Germany). Thus there can be some lag due to network performance problems between you and the server, like packet loss, corruption, jitter, distance with the server and routing of packets which can be extremely indirect, etc. Getting notified by players when this happen can be useful, as we may be able to analyze trace routes and else.
2- or it can be hardware related (fps), on the client side due to a lack of processing power (or server side, but these days the servers have very high performance):
it is also called screen lag and can happen quite often in MMORPG and multiplayer games when you have a lot of players around, but it can also happen in single player games. If this happens, one way to improve this in Arcane Online is to go in the Settings and remove some effects like shadows, other players effects, and titles (which is recommended for the weekly Siege War actually as well as against World Bosses eventually).
In Arcane Online, most players are facing the second issue, either because the device is close to the minimum requirements with 1GB RAM or low CPU; or during Siege War and World Bosses when there are many players around.
Here are some other ways to improve the RAM on your device:
– make sure you have no other apps running in the background, especially games
on Android: go to your phone Settings, Application Manager, then Running Apps. Tap and stop the apps consuming most of the RAM there. You may also check this link.
on iOS: Press the Power button until the "Slide to Power Off" screen appears, then press the Home button for 5 seconds. Your device RAM will be cleared and you will be returned to your app screen.

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