Rules of Survival which guns is strong? | Rules of Survival weapon

Shotgun controversy alone; you players still do not know which shotgun should be selected, then I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the three shotguns in the game now.

Rules of Survival teaches you how to choose the best shotgun
Let’s compare the properties of M1887 and M870. In fact, M1887 we have a common name, that is, double hunt Σ 🙂 Gun, referred to as dual hunting, played CF should know it, the other not to control.

Two guns basically the same data, dual hunting than the M870 is the place where the clip capacity is too low, only two rounds of bullets. However, the M870 is even greater disadvantage, that is the rate of fire, 80/150 speed, nearly double the difference. Shotgun as a tool for group warfare and search the house, the enemy is to quickly; and the M870’s firing rate is hard to compliment, the actual combat often because the speed is not fast enough and suffer, so use the M870 unless the gun is a guns, Otherwise you North Fort King or do not use as well.

Rules of Survival teaches you how to choose the best shotgun
Take a look at the double hunting contrast AA12, AA12 this gun is still good in terms of integration; damage can be, the fire rate is not low, 120/150 speed is not much difference, and is also 5 rounds of ammunition.

Many people will choose AA12 instead of double hunting, but you overlook a very big problem, that is, AA12 can not be equipped with accessories. The other two shotgun can be equipped with “chokes” and “fast magazine”, you can focus on firepower and enhance the speed for changing. No accessories will be the most deadly weakness of the AA12, you do not think double hunting only two rounds of bullets is very weak, the gun has the fastest rate of fire, equipped with bullets band time for as long as 1 second.

In the case of equipped with accessories, to the real combat time, the double hunting speed and effect will definitely be stronger than the other two guns a lot. Then the results came out, shotgun no doubt choose M1887 is the best, followed by AA12, M870 the worst.

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