Rules of Survival what kinds of drugs are there?| Rules of Survival medicine analysis

Terminator 2 Judicial Day Drugs are very important resources, and many times these drugs are the key points of victory. What are the Terminator 2 Judgment Day medicines? The following Xiaobian for the players to bring Terminator 2 trial summary of drug summary.

Usually called a bandage, reply 10 life, Very common, the recommendation is a big case of less drugs, try to use Fascination to fill.

2, hemostatic package

immediately reply 50 life, this is a big medicine , When the crisis with it 3, first aid kit

relatively rare, you can reply to all Life, use the same way as above.

4, sports drink

Moving speed, when running drugs with very good

5, cardiac injection

sustained Reply 75 life, to enhance the speed of movement, it seems that there will be empty cast, usage Ibid.

Finally, said some other props, fuel is to cheer the car, This game may be seldom used. Then some clothing shoes useless, the impression seems to add capacity, but such games should only be used for the appearance of it. 1, Band-Aid

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