What’s food to eat for the guests?旅かえる Guide

Many players are not very clear, 旅かえる series of small animals to eat what? Hello snail bee feed what is good? So the game birds Xiaobian bring 旅かえる related Raiders issue, take a look at it!

旅かえる series of small animals to eat what?



When you are playing, your little friends often find that there are small animals in the door, and you have to be a good friend for small friends. Sometimes you can send more than 3 lottery tickets and all kinds of clover. If you play it carefully, you will find that many small animals (clover and lottery tickets) will come to you, so be sure to entertain them, so how to entertain these animals? The method is very simple , That is, feeding them to eat food can be, just eat a food on the OK. What do the animals experiment with?


Snails love to eat: cheese, hot springs bread, milk, rice

Bee love to eat: colorful beans, strawberries, hot springs bread, peaches

Turtle love to eat: tea, hot spring bread

Hot spring steamed bread is very versatile, but not so good, and the more prevalent is the snail, an animal that can feed it for something like cheese or cabbage. Very simple.

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