Rules of Survival Guide | How to be the host of the city?

I believe many players can not extricate themselves once they have played” Rules of Survival”. The game has been online for a few months, and individuals in the game have their own personal preferences. Many players who just like to shoot their guns like to jump to places where many people go , To kill on the ground, but not every one can live out from the city.

I also like to shoot a gun so when I jump, I like to jump in the beginning, or jump the city along the route, especially exciting.

Because we just updated the large 64-square-kilometer map, which is not yet familiar with the material distribution in the picture, I jumped at the bitter water town according to the route.

Rules of Survival How to Become a City Lord

Tell everyone today how to become a city master. As the saying goes mountain can not be two tigers, of course, only one person can go out in a place finally. Take bitter water town, for example, if the route is similar to the above map or is very close, then the front jump good luck island, bitter water town, heroic ridge a lot of people. Jump to the nearest room when you jump, must be fast. The best landing point is the balcony, wide view on the balcony, there are always some slow players jumping skydiving, this time ready to enter the house, so you can eliminate several.

To be careful about the surrounding two-story area, the other one may have someone on the balcony, so the first thing to be solved is the balcony on the opposite side of the person, before squatting aiming, aiming and standing up Gun, do not hesitate, this time is faster than the hand.

Rules of Survival How To Become A City Lord

When parachuting roughly count how many people jumped around you, first of all to solve a house. Many players know that when someone in the building usually squat away, squatting away when there is no indicator prompts, so this time we must rely on their own to listen to the sound of the debate.

The footsteps can still be heard squatting, and if you do not see the footsteps of people stopped, then you have to be careful, he may know your approximate position, waiting for you to find out the past, and his Spray muzzle may be right in front of you. This time the best way is to first throw flash flares, flash bombs in addition to light can also cause tinnitus for some time, after throwing do not panic, not from the positive direction because he knows you are here, Although I can not hear it, the location of the muzzle will not change. It is best to quickly jump out of the window, then touch the other side of the past, hit him a surprise by surprise.

Rules of Survival How to Become a City Lord

The city duel, the winner is the loser for the box. Want to be a city master need to pay attention to the following points:

1, parachuting when to determine how many your opponents, the last number of boxes to see if there is no missing Voldemort, waiting in a corner of you.

2, landing on the balcony to jump the balcony, high place is always relatively safe.

3, pick up the gun, do not miss a small pistol, many times a small pistol can save you numerous times.

4, do not go into other people’s house, some people fall into the house than you first, immediately turned around, do not want to fist hit others, after all, the gun is not long-term eyes.

5, the enemy throwing shells on the move, if someone around you, do a good job overcast your preparations, then do not blindly forward, people are ready to overcast you want is you hooked. This time on the first throw flash flames, smoke bombs, grenades these things, first disrupt the opponent’s line of sight, can go around the best, just have opponents have time to re-open.

You grasp these points in the game, you can become a city master.

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