Gardenscapes Guide How to play Gardenscapes?

I believe everyone is familiar with Gardenscapes, and it used to be on the PC platform. Now, the developers name the game, officially landing on the mobile platform. So fun? In fact, and PC-side play almost. The following dream dreams to bring you Gardenscapes play Raiders, I believe everyone will read this game will be very understanding.

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Gardenscapes is fun?

It’s a three-hitter game, but has added a fun-to-play style to the game, so let the game look less boring. But also to repair their own dream castle, I believe the girls like it very much.

Garden Butler

The game uses a realistic background, and then combines the cartoon-style characters and graphics, the player completed the elimination of the game, to repair a dilapidated garden villa.

And the game also incorporates social components, in addition to Austin, there are his parents, carpenters and so on. As the game progresses, buddies will be unlocked one by one. And players can also learn about their day-to-day life through dynamic messaging and communicate with them.

Talk to the carpenter

Gardenscapes Strategy

1, Eliminate play

Elimination in

is the same as a normal three-elimination game, and is done by swiping items in the level.

Remove props

However, the elimination of the game more fresh and lovely, are some fruits, flowers, leaves and water droplets. And the game colors are very bright, so that players look very good mood yo.

And also add some props to the triple elimination, can help players to complete the clearance faster and easier.

Get accelerated props

However, it should be noted that if the clearance fails, it will lose a life. There are 3 ways to get life: 1, automatic recovery with time; 2, gold consumption to buy physical strength; 3, ask friends to give physical.

2, operating games

Another important gameplay is to run. Players need to complete the three elimination game to get the stars, and then complete the task version of the task, you can follow the game system will be repaired step by step.

Repair Castle

There are many areas, players need to complete the construction of a region before the next region can be repaired.

After a few steps, such as changing chairs, cleaning up rubbish, removing wooden houses, building wooden houses, etc., the garden will grow slowly and gloriously.

3, social system

In addition to the constant rebuilding of the garden, players also have a completely virtual social system. As the game progresses, the player can meet a variety of people in the reconstruction activities, each encounter a newcomer, your social system will add his information, look at each person’s social information or a Very interesting things, such as the protagonist’s mom once made a very funny behavior, and all this needs players to explore in the game.


Ok, so here’s what’s going on with Gardenscapes. Believe that after looking at the garden has been repaired through their own efforts, we will be very sense of accomplishment Oh.

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