Gardenscapes how to make more gold?

1. Download the game.

2. How much gold do you have?

3. Open the game first play, there will be gold, this time remember your number of gold.

4. Do not quit the game, do not quit the game! Directly click the icon of eight artifact, click meun key, select the dream garden.

5. Click on the icon of the eight artifact keyboard, enter your number of gold coins in the input box (the number of gold coins you previously noted), and then click Search, select automatically match a lot of data that will be searched here, do not panic, .

6. Back fantasy garden game, buy a life (here is to let you consume a little gold, what you buy can decide directly), will be less 999 gold, remember the number of the remaining gold.

7. Click on the Eight Artifact again and enter the second number in the search box (the amount of gold remaining). This time we can see that there is only one data now, this is what we want, and then directly modify the number (the number of changes is the number of gold you want to brush, how much will be entered when how much) such as 999999. Click OK. OK! Go out and see if your gold is not increased!

PS: This tutorial Android and iOS can brush, when we enter the second data search again and sometimes more than one data, this time we can choose to buy something again, in the search, you can also choose to put all Data has been modified, it does not matter.

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