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For the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Fantasy Match II, there isn’t a lot of skill. The high or low accuracy depends entirely on the player’s understanding of the Arena theme’s attributes. In order to help you better understand the attributes of the arena theme, Xiaobian will list clothing accessories that are suitable for the theme of the exercise. If the player finds these accessories, they can choose the correct answer.

It is possible to understand the wearing status of NPCs for the fantasy match and the second choice. The accessories that affect the score are hair, dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, etc., and the accessories. You don’t need too much observation.

Beach Seating Party

Attributes: Simple: Cute: Lively: Pure: Cool≈ 1 : 0.67 : 1.33 : 1.33 : 1.33

tag: movement style;

hairstyle: horned maiden · gorgeous> angel-rabbit · purple> messy cute · red > messy sprouting;

dress: sailor girl & middot; white > white snow star man > garden · purple> snowflake secret;

Tops: Floral > First Clouds · Blue > Hyacinth > Rhymes;

Bottoms: First Cloud Pants & middot; Blue > Blue Waist Blue Skirt > style skirt & middot; brown & gt; pearl veil & middot; blue;

shoes: red shoes & gt; devout flower· shoes > black platform shoes > red shoes&middot

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen


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