New Activities: The Mysteries of the Medical Institute

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen welcomes the new 2.3.1 release. After the update is completed, everyone can experience the mysteries of the medical clinic and various welfare activities. The following Xiao Bian focuses on introducing the mystery of the medical clinic to the full level strategy, and let’s come together!

The mystery of the medical institution

When: July 22 Updated — 23:59, July 28

During the event period, the player will be able to obtain a deed from the copy of the map. If you control the score within the required score segment, you will be able to get more deeds. Use the contract to redeem the White Devil and Angels.

Summary of Raiders of Medical Clinics

Commission of Sea Sakura

Devil’s Clinic

Peach’s Test One

Peach’s Test II

Peach’s Test III

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