Welfare time! Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen October Redemption Code Complete

Welfare time to ~Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s buddies want to get physical strength, diamonds and materials, to win rewards for clearance games and to receive rewards for completing tasks, we need to pay more effort and exchange codes. Let us easily get more benefits, Xiao Bian today for everyone to collect the October exchange code, small partners to see if they have not exchanged it.

Decomposition and Reconstruction Package 【aBBhQWAweUyv】 : Rebirth Earrings * 2 + Eternal Chain * 2 + Ring of Hope * 2;

Dream Workshop Gift Package [aBBbPWQPY9hq] : Star Plus Card*2 Star Pendant*2+Star Earring*2;

National Day Exchange Code [aBBgqPUtUhkV] : 20 Diamonds + 20 bodies + 5,000 Gold;

Remarks: Redemption code Each player can only redeem once, and the redeemed player can’t redeem again!

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