Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen with Arena System Detail

In the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen game, you know how much to do with the arena’s system, and what the theme is like, how long is the season time, if not much to say, the following will come with 18183 Xiaobian Find out what’s going on!

Collocation theme : Every PK will randomly get a topic, and each topic will clearly give three attribute requirements as the review basis. 15 common topics (see part 3 for details)

Number of competitions : Free PK 5 times per person per day. This time, you can purchase 3 additional times per day and consume 20 diamonds each time. . The number of purchases per day after the beta test increases with the VIP level.

Seasonal Time: A season of seven days a week, the player points for the end of each season will be the sole basis for judging season awards.

Rankings : The full serving ranking list will provide the ID, points, and collocation pictures of the top 20 players in the current PK points. The magnifying glass function helps to see the detailed equipment of the 20 players. The bottom of the list presents the player’s own ID and points. Friends ranking is not turned on.

Coordinator Level : Depending on player points. Levels range from low to high five: collocation interns, with assistant divisions, senior collaborators, senior collocation consultants, and the Queen. Each major item is divided into five stars, one star is the lowest, and five stars is the highest. The points required for promotion each time increase progressively.

Awards : There are three main sources of rewards for the arena:

PK : Each theme event can be won or lost. A small amount of gold coins and star coins, the victory once awarded 10 points.

Daily Rewards : Receive daily e-mails to receive coins and Starbucks coins based on the current level of matching teachers. The number of bonuses increases progressively.

Seasonal Rewards : E-mails are received the next day after the end of the season. Gold coins, Star coins, and diamonds are obtained based on the current match division level. The number of bonuses increases progressively. The top 20 players will receive additional ranking rewards.

Star Coin : The only currency that Starlight Shop circulates. Access to channels for daily check-in, achievement rewards, and JJC rewards.

Starlight Shop : The most important source of the design in Miracle, the only source of dyeing raw materials.

All of the above is today’s content. More and better game information is available on 18183 Mobile Games.

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