Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Clown suit Listen sound method Clown suit How to listen to sound

In Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen this game, the players still have some unknown places, the voice of the clown suit you listen to it, not much to say, following the 18183 Xiaobian together to find out

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen The new clown suit for April Fool’s Day activities is capable of making speech sounds. However, some players do not know how to listen to the sound. In fact, this is very simple. Everyone brings the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen clown suit to listen to the sound.

First, if you want to hear the sound of a clown, you need to get a clown suit on April Fool’s Day (after the clown will put on a design).

Then you need to find the clown’s suit in the set illustrated book – festival festival, and receive the reward of getting the set (need to have a complete set to redeem the reward), the function of voice after redeeming the award is formally activated;

At this point we clicked into the “Free Dressup” interface and found the clown suit to get a direct click on the character’s location to hear the sound! (Note that the phone should be The voice is louder!)

These are the game tactics that sugar and sugar brought to you. I believe that after watching the Raiders today, the buddies have made great achievements! Want to see more information? The Raiders Welcome to the 18183 Games section to learn more about the latest games!

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