Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen South Wind Biyu new suit acquisition method interpretation

“Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen” alliance with the war launched the first league suite is [tempting white feather], following [tempting white feather], “Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen” anniversary edition, the alliance with war launched a new cloud beautiful blue feather southerly wind cheongsam []!

players can participate in the league with the war, the members work together to make the call, after the assembly of suits, will take the player to uncover wish feather The henchmen of the string, the secret of Bi Bi’s girl trapped in the cage.

players need to pay attention to, anniversary version, & ldquo; tempting white feather & rdquo; suits and & ldquo; southerly Bi Yu & rdquo; package can be made simultaneously. The ranking of member contributions in the alliance match will be optimized in the June edition. Want to receive “South wind Biyu” set in the bag, do not miss the anniversary celebration alliance match.

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