Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Dance Dance Acura Kit Get Raiders New gameplay waiting for you to fight

December 8th 5:00—December 17th 23:59, the first collision between the night and the dawn, the new camp with the gameplay to open! So how to get the bird dance song suit? Xiaobian brings you the bird dance song The method of acquisition.

The dawn battle is divided into “Dawn Fawn” and “The Dark Order”. The two camps have four main players in each camp, and the teachers can select one of them to play for them. Take the peak chapter and feats, exchange exquisite sets of “snowy wolf”, “&” “bird dance dance”, and a variety of material supply box reward!

[bird dance Acoustic】including special posture dress & ldquo; que dance Yangge & rdquo;, and ultra-fine removable ornaments “white garber” & rdquo;

* after the camp activity peaks and feats will not be empty, can be Used in follow-up activities.

The above is the relevant Raiders of 18183 Xiaobian Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen. For more information about the dynamic of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen, please pay attention to 18183 mobile games. 18183 Xiaobian will be on your game. Safeguard your escort.

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