Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Desert Magic Third Level S-High Scores Looks

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s charm of the desert with the Raiders of the desert Raiders off the third level of the charm of the desert S matching kits and components Xiao Bian has been sorted out, specifically how to match with the S to get 5 rewards, are interested You can look at the contents of the article and it may be helpful for you.

The third step is the charm of the desert. One-click S Passing Kit: Wasteland Flowers

Matching Parts:

Hairstyle: Wilderness Beads · Rare (Garment Evolution) Wilderness Beads evolved into Wilderness Beads · Gorgeous Re-Evolved Wilderness Beads · Rare

Dresses: Wasteland Flowers (drawings produced)

Shoes: Wasteland Sandals (drawings)

Headgear: Wasteland Headpieces (drawings)

Necklace: Wasteland Necklaces (5-7 points drop)

Handheld: Wasteland Bag (drawings)

Regarding whether or not to score high, here is a simple description of the charms of the desert. Activity levels require partner S clearance can be rewarded, does not require high scores, of course, if you want to score high, You can also try other collocations. For more information, please follow us.

These are the third-level S-level scores for the Love of Nikki-Dress UP Queen.

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