How Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Recaptures Fighting Feast

Replaying the feast of clouds is also a difficult level for Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen. Many players have said that they don’t know how to pass! How does Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen reproduce the feast of the sky? Let’s have a look!

Love Nikki-Dress How UP Queen Recaptures a Feast with

Hair: Snow Lotus

Hair Accessories: Ice Crystals Light Feather

Earrings: Crystal Earrings

Coat: Small Snowballs. A Thousand Grasses

Dresses: Pineapple Packs

Socks: Lace Stripes

Shoes: Watermelon skin

Hairstyle: Light dust

Dress: Mint

Coat: Mint

Socks: Normal socks (included)

Shoes: Like Kyi-Subai (Original)

The above is the love of Nikki-Dress UP Queen brought back by Xiao Bian. If you have a better match plan, you can recommend it to us!

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