Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Night Song Set Get Raiders How to Get Night Song Song

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Nightingale Set Gets Raiders of Night Songs, Love Nikki-Dress How UP Queen’s Nightingale Set Gets, How To Get This Newly Going Online Set For Free? Let’s take a look at the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen night song suit brought to you by Xiaobian.

Night Song Set Get Raiders:

From January 25 to February 4, players participate in the camp battle and choose Supporting camps participate in match matches, and use the feats and peaks of the game to redeem nightmare suits.

To achieve the achievement of the night song suit, you can receive a special pose chaos shadow.

On a good one, it was the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen night song kit that was brought to you by the Xiaobian to get the Raiders. For more exciting content, please pay attention to the 18183 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen area.

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