Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Desert charm Raiders Desert charm with high score recommended

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen how to play the charm of the desert, Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen opened the charm of the desert on the 12th, players participate in activities to pass the relevant levels to obtain clothing exchange props, new The two sets of costumes are waiting for players to redeem. Today Xiaobian brings Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s charm to the players. Let’s take a look.

In the upcoming new version, Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen will bring beautiful wilderness activities to everyone. “Desert of the desert”, while sending two brown skins , Daxu limited time clothing to send new dress background activities! Come and see it ~

Desert charm & middot; Desire of the sound

The goddess of money lure People went to follow and search for mirage-like mirages.

On January 12th at 5:00PM, on January 21st at 23:59, we went to the desert to collect “doveblood jewels”, explore the legend of the mirage in the desert, exchange exquisite wilderness suits, and charm of the desert. 【Shadow of Float】!

* After the event is over, the “gemstone gemstone” will be emptied, please redeem the oh ~

—— the charm of the desert ——

Fibrous shadows, she burns in a candlelight, enchanting.

The charm of the desert includes special poses of normal skin and brown skin, and contains a new look. “Iraq,” brown makeup, “Iraqi laugh”.

Achieve [Desert Charm] suit achievements, you can receive a special pose brown skin color dress “Shengshi Jinlian”, normal skin color special pose dress “Sheng Shixue”, special hairstyle “Flying mirror” & rdquo; , brown makeup & ldquo; Iraqi laugh & rdquo;.

Reminder: 【The Charm of the Desert】 Brown Makeup “Iraq Smile” can be combined with free brown skin “Enthusiasm and Sunshine” perfect match

—— The shadow of floating gold——

Her name is the most mysterious of the desert legend, her presence allows mortals to rush.

[Floating Gold Shadow] A special pose with normal skin tone and brown skin tone. Both skin colors have a new makeup with scars and no scars. There are a total of four makeup looks.

Achieve [Floating Gold Shadow] suit achievement, you can receive:

Special pose dress brown complexion & ldquo; desire abyss & rdquo;, normal color & ldquo; temptation abyss & rdquo;

Ultra-Fine Removable Decoration “Sand Sight”, Desert Boat Back View, “Legend of the Wilderness”, Treasure Floor Parts

The above is Xiaobian brings you Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Desert charm Raiders desert charm with high score with recommended.

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