Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Listening and Playing

Love Nikki-Dress How to play UP Queen’s audio listening and listening activities? I wish to listen to the sound of rain and play in my hometown. Let’s take a look with the small series!

——Streaming Hears ——

February 8th 5:00—February 25, 23:59, Zhu Yuyin’s Yard Listening to the sound of rain and rain will be limited to the opening of the small cottage & furniture special collection of all the theme of furniture, can unlock the first guest of the cottage & mdash; & nbsp; Zhu Yu string, Zhu Yu can also be with the small warm in the small house Inside!

* In the Spring Festival version, the fifth floor will be added.

During the event, a limited time draw at the Small House of the Hustle & Draw Club & “Music” listens to the wish to obtain the limited furniture of Zhu Yuxian. Every 2 days is free “ wishing once & rdquo; and half price & ldquo; wishing 5 times & rdquo; once.

This is the whole content of the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s streaming audio and video game!

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