Detailed Explanation of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Inscription

How does Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s inscription get? The Chinese inscription can be redeemed for a new limited set. Many buddies don’t know how to brush it, and the next Xiaobian brings you the Chinese inscription to get the Raiders!

On New Year’s Eve, Love Nikki-Dress remnants of the UP Queen legend appear in the mountains of Mt. Wanyu. Empress Tianzi sees it as a sign of auspiciousness. It seeks to find the inscriptions of people living in the world and awakens the Quartet. In order to prevent war, guard the cloud!

As shown below:

Activity time: February 8th 5:00— February 25th, 23:59

[Very Wanted] Enter the “Windling Volcano” event page to conduct tests for Goddess. Based on your test results, you will be matched to match one of the wind forest volcanoes. Intention, after joining the war situation, you can’t make any changes.

After the battle is chosen, you can get a free-to-use design map of your own war! The other beast design map will be held after the event through the federal trade activities. .

[Cohesive Warfare] Participate in various activities in Fenglin Volcano, and extra rewards for exclusive props for New Year’s activities. “Yulin Fu”. After one party tries to collect the total amount to reach the specified target, all the members of this battle group will receive the soul packs to receive the “Magic raffle raffle ticket*10+ crystal shoes*10” reward!

[Warrior pounds]礴] During the Spring Festival, Empress Dorothy will also bring all the top players in the battlefield to release diamond envelopes for everyone. So stay tuned ~

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