Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen tasting world game play introduction

How does Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen taste the world? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is one of the 2018 Spring Festival series events. The next Xiaobian game for everyone is the Wang Mengying selection guide!

—— Zhu Yuyu Dream Shadow Kit ——

This time The five dreams of Zhu Yuxian will be updated. In addition to the Hongmei spot Xuepao, the other four dreams will be voice suits. You can listen to Zhu Yusheng’s exclusive speech after you wear it! In appreciation mode, you can also dream the dream. Can be used at the same time as the White Dream Dreams.

Dream Shadow [Hongmei Spot Snow Robe] Set can be visited by Zhu Yuxiang Others & ldquo; Listen to the sound of rain & lyquo; Free access! The remaining four Dream Shadows will also be One after another, please pay attention to the

—— Streaming Listening & Mdash; —

February 8 5:00—February 25, 23:59, Zhu Yuyin other yards & ldquo; listening to the sound of rain & rdquo; limited time open cottage & furniture; special collection of all the theme furniture, can unlock the first guest of the cottage & mdash; & mdash; Zhu Yuxian and Zhu Yuxian can also appear in small houses with small warmth!

*In the Spring Festival version, the fifth floor will be added to the cottage.

First, to explore and send Dreams

During the event, Zhu Yuxian will send invitations to all partners to invite Dan Huang to the banquet. You can go to & ldquo; listen to the sound of rain & turquoise & rdquo;, free access to dreams of Zhu Yuxian [Hongmei Dot Xuepao]!

* Daily exploration, and the opportunity to trigger mysterious events, find a special floor , Harvesting surprise benefits!

2. Cascade Time-Sharing Club

During the event, a time-tested lottery hall in the hut’s court will allow you to listen to the rain and make a wish. , you can get Zhu Yuxian other yard limited furniture. Every 2 days is free “ wishing once & rdquo; and half price & ldquo; wishing 5 times & rdquo; once.

III. Time-limited furniture special events

During the event, the Federal Furniture Limited can use the vouchers to purchase some of the “streamlined audio-visual equipment” during the limited time. And enjoy the full reduction of discounts: Consumer Hearts Voucher 2000 minus 500, full 4000 minus 1200, 2000 full set minus 2000!

Fourth, the first cabin guests

Gather all the courts of hope · listen to the sound of the rain and meet the federal home limited-time special limited furniture, you can unlock the first hut guest Zhu Yusheng, and small warm at the same time in the cottage!

This is the whole content of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen tasting the world’s wonderful events!

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