Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Yan Allure Event Introduction New Year’s New Target

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen How does Allen play? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is fun for you? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

Yan Allure

It’s better to give yourself a small goal —— to complete the “Yan Yan Allure”! Complete a little bit every day, and the lifetime is not a dream.

I. Daxie’s clothing task · Yan Yan Allure · ink

February 14th 5:00— February At 23:59 on the 25th, to complete the “Yan Yan Allure & middot; ink”, you can receive “Diamond * 200 + physical * 200 + crystal shoes * 9” generous rewards!

Two, special gift package · help power Yan

February 14th 5:00— February 25th 23:59, spend 3 yuan to purchase value 510 drill super Value Gift Package [Diamond*30+ Lime Yellow*5+Elegant Violet*5+Star Black*5], Help [Chong Yan Allure & middot; Ink]! Limit 10 purchases per person, don’t miss it~

*Following up with a bonus gift package, and assisting in the clearance of the brush map! Stay tuned~

Third, eliminate stamina, return gifts!

February 14 5:00—At 23:59 on February 25th, every time you consume a certain amount of energy, you can receive rewards such as physical strength, Starbucks, princess-level vouchers through event posters!

Within 12 days Accumulated consumption of 8888 A total of [physical *880+ Starbucks*188+ princess-level refresh coupons*15+ gold coins*10090] rewards are available for a total of 1956 drills!

These are Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s All content!

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