Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen does not easily stained clothes with high score recommended

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s clothes that are not easily soiled are the subject of this memory. When the little friends choose clothes, they mainly use the combination of clothes that are not easily stained, so they want to match Partners let Xiao Bian give everyone a detailed talk about collocation methods.

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is not easy to stain the clothes with high score with recommended

special · face: color face clown ( 553 Events)> Watch Hours (512 Gold Coins / Fans)> Air Quality · 霾 霾 (481 Gold Coins)

Special · Chest: Blessings (Limited 658)> 骖 驭Phoenix (605 reconstructed)>Leather purse· Brown (5737-branch 5 little)

Special · Tattoo: Moe bear eye mask (512 presented)> Jungle imprint (480 settings)> Manshu Shahua (376 vs. middot; Xianxu)

Special · Wings: Wings of Speed ​​(376 settings) > Light Fantasy (376 events) > Little Devil’s Wings (Set 344)

Special · Tail: Golden Lucky Monkeytail (543 Gold Coins) > Rabbit Ball (5128-8 Male) > White Eagle (480 Magic / Mystery)

Special · Foreground: Mechanical Courier Bird (55314-8 public)> Miracle Circus (512 diamonds)> Swaying Bear (512 presented)

Special · Back view: Funny Paradise (512 settings)> Research Bar stool (512 Streamer) /兑·琉璃)>噩家噩室(512设)

Special · Crest: May Rose (438 League) > Broken Chain (376 Designations) & Pulse Slamshell (209 Recharges)

Special · Ground: Fragmented Score (480 Diamonds) Moonlight Garden (480 league) > spinning ball (470 settings)

Hair: Default pink hair

Skirt: Melodious melody (Shopping: 6815)

Jacket : shirt jacket

socks: student sports socks

shoes: fish mouth sandals – white

headdress: lace rabbit ears

program 2

Scenario 2

Hair: Default pink

Dress: Melodious melodious

Coat: Firefly

Socks: Student Sports Socks

Shoes: Spiked Pearl

These are the clothes that Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen does not easily stain.

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