Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen love magic how to match Arena love magic high score Raiders

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen recently launched a number of tantalizing activities. The arena of the pk is also hot day by day. Many players do not know how to get dazzling high scores in the infatuation magic theme arena. Xiao Bian brings you a detailed Raiders introduction! Let’s take a look! Hope to help you Oh!

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen how to match magic

PS: There is no top matching with

Hair Accessories: Cherry Love

League High with: 10-1

Earrings : Heart-to-Soul

Alliance High with: 2-2

Coat: Sweet Rose

Alliance High: 1-1, 2-1

Socks: mellow Rum

High Arena: Queen’s Adult

Alliance High: 1-6, 10-1

Makeup: Vivid

Alliance High: 2-2

Backstage: Hot Love Red Velvet

High Arena: Queen Adult

Alliance High Match: 2-2, 4-5, 6-5

Earrings: Heart Connection

Alliance High: 4-1, 6-1, 8-4, 9 -1, 10-5

Tattooing: A Kiss

High Altitude Arena: Summer Garden Party, Fairy Tale Garden of Origin, Where Spring is, Sports, Young Spring Tour, Sweet, Christmas Family Reunion

Alliance High: Many

These are the details of how Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen loves magic.

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