Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen2018 Spring Festival Welfare Activities

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is about to open the 2018 Spring Festival. A lot of new events and new features will be open at the same time. Do you expect small friends? The following Xiaobian brings you 2018 Chinese New Year activities. What activities can not be missed!

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen2018 Spring Festival Encyclopedia

Spring Festival theme interface

:February 8 at 5:00—at March 23rd at 23:59

Event Content: During Spring Festival themes can be experienced for free. Everyone can log in to the game and receive it via small mail. Click ” Avatar—— Set——Select interface theme“ to set the interface. The accumulative monthly sign-in to the full 360-day partner can directly unlock the permanent free use right of the Spring Festival theme interface!

One of New Year’s goals: Ice on the Waltz

Winter is Ice The good sports season of the ~2018 Winter Olympics will also be held during the Spring Festival event. For this purpose, Daqi specially prepares a skating theme set for everyone. You can also receive special rewards within a specified time!

I. Login to send · Newly-designed drawings

On February 9th at 5:00— February 25th, 23:59, log in to the game and receive the ice from Daxie free of charge via email Waltz] package design!

*After the event is over, the design will be put on the Star Shop. The missed partner can spend Starbucks to buy ~

2.喵’s clothing task · ice waltz

February 9th 5:00— February 12th 23:59, complete 【Ice waltz】 suit, you can pass the time limit system Apparel Activity Receive【Physical Strength*99+ Gold Coin*9W+Star Coin*9】Special Reward!

New Year’s Goal II: Yan Yan Allure

It’s better to give yourself a small goal —— to complete the Yan Yan Allure! Complete every day! A little bit, a lifetime is not a dream.

I. Daechi’s clothing task · Yan Yan Allure · ink

February 14th 5:00— February 25th 23:59, finish [Cycling Allure &middot ; Ink], you can through the “Daqi limited time clothing” activities to receive [Diamond * 200 + physical * 200 + crystal shoes * 9] generous reward!

Second, special gift package · Helping you to spend time on

February 14 at 5:00— on February 25th at 23:59, you can purchase a value of $510 for $3 diamond gift coupon [Diamond*30+ Lime Yellow* 5+ Elegant Purple*5+Star Black*5], Helps [City & Middot; Ink]! Limit 10 purchases per person, don’t miss friends ~

*There are also great value packages Notice, do your best to assist in the clearance of the brush and map! Stay tuned~

Third, eliminate stamina, return gifts!

February 14th 5:00—2 At 23:59 on the 25th of every month, you can receive rewards such as physical strength, Starbucks, princess-level refreshment coupons, etc. through event posters!

In total, 8888 physical strength is consumed in 12 days, and you can receive a total of physical strength*880 + Coin *188+ princess-level refresh coupon *15+ gold*10090]Rewards, total value 1956 drill!

*Follow the official Weibo or official WeChat, get first-hand free physical guidance!

List of New Year Benefits

To help everyone complete their tasks, there are various benefits during the Spring Festival to help everyone!

First, princess-level unlimited number of

On February 8th 5:00— February 25th 23:59, for 18 consecutive days, clearance of all princess maps is not limited to the number of purchases

Second, Star Money Double

February 14 5:00—At 23:59 on February 19th, within 6 days of the event, in the “Arena with Arena”, you can earn double star coins whether you win or lose!

Third, the princess level three times

February 14th 5:00— February 19th 23:59, activity six days, the first volume (Chapter 1-19) all princesses Level item item drop rate*3, Gold coin drop *3!

IV. Princess level double

February 8th 5:00— February 12th 23:59, Princess level 9,11,15, enjoy double item drop rate, double gold welfare; Princess level 4,5,7, enjoy double item drop rate benefits; clearance Princess level 2,13,16 chapters, enjoy double gold welfare.

On February 21st at 5:00— on February 25th at 23:59, to pass through Princesses’ level 1,8,14, to enjoy double item drop rate and double gold welfare; to pass through Princess Level 2 , Chapters 6 and 10, enjoy double item drop rate benefits; pass chapter 4, 5, 17 of the princess level, enjoy double gold welfare.

The above is the entire content of the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen2018 Spring Festival!

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