Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen love magic suit how to get

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen hot love magic suit get method, this suit is limited this year’s Valentine’s suit Oh, then how to get it, how much money, the following Xiao Bian brought to explain the next plot shop Details of this suit.

Valentine’s day shop loves magic

Rose is admiration, black clever is love, syrup is lingering like glue, feel the magic of love, lover On the day of the festival, I am waiting for you at the dessert shop.

[Love] contains a new look “magic mouthwatering”, achieve a set of achievements can receive love cake beautiful removable ornaments “love red velvet”, and special posture hairstyle, dress.

On February 10th at 5:00—At 23:59 on February 27th, the Valentine’s Store opens for a limited time!You can spend 128 yuan to buy a Valentine’s Day gift package[Diamond*1480+"&};Enthusiastic Magic” Set 】, buy once for each person, the tenderness of the red velvet velvet dessert ~

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