Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Hand-wandering Event Details

How about Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s hand-meeting romantic event? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s hand-wandering romantic event is fun? Next Xiaobian brings you Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Hand-wandering romantic events introduction!

Activity introduction

1. Activity time: February 14th 5:00 – February 25 Day 23:59

2. Event Entrance: Right side of the main page – Fenglin Volcano – Blizzard and other homes

3. Activity is divided into two phases

1 Stage One – Voting Period: 5:00 on February 14 – 5:00 on February 19

Get a free dream shot package every day and cast “Phoenix Raid” chance, after voting Get 5 “” celadon feather “”, use “” celadon feather “” can be converted to “Bitan bamboo shadow” [Ocean cloud shadow]. Cumulative purchase of “Pengtailan Raiders” participated in the voting to reach the specified amount, which can trigger discounted purchases. Discounts are as follows:

76-150th: 20% off;

15th-300th: 30% off;

301-300th: 20% off;

After the 601th: 1 fold.

After the end of the first phase, the unused “Celadon Plume” will be able to continue to use, but it will not be able to obtain more “Celadon Feather”.

2 Stage 2 – Results Presentation Period: 5:00 on February 19 – 23:59 on February 25

The package with the highest number of votes will be available for free

Packages with the second highest number of votes will be available for purchase (544 drills)

The third set will require the original price (1088 drills).

4. Calculation of activities (first phase )

Vote once a day for free, and buy every 20 diamonds once. Each vote received 5 “Celadon feathers”, each suit each need “Celadon feather” 265, collect a set of clothes to buy 48 times, spend 960 diamonds; set two sets of clothes to buy 101 times, spends 1916 diamonds, please calculate step calculator

Convert data

Above is Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Mobile Games The full details of the feast romantic event.

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