How does Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen consign 12-2 with the cold night in Oren City?

How does Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen entrust 12-2? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Alliance 12-2 Raiders entrust Oren City’s Cold Night High Score Raiders, Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen How to collaborate with the second chapter and the second one? Today’s Xiaobian will bring you S-class collocation recommendations from the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Union 12-2.

Checkpoint weight: Simple: Lively: Cute: Pure: Warm = 0.4:0.8:1.2:0.8:1.2

Checkpoint tag: Winter B

npc skills: smiling picky sleepy cinderella

Recommended skills: blow kiss smile free sleep

hair   type: cheesecake · rare [in · public/extract]> Shuangrui (Golden) > Innocent encounter (bridal) > lop · Gorgeous (in & middot; male)

even & ensp; clothing & ensp; skirt: make you unique memories (sets & middot; pumping ](37068)> Pretending to surprise you (set· pumping)(36677)> fluffy hanging neck skirt· gorgeous(in ·gong)(36159)

on   : Christmas sweater (pictured) (17453) > Maple candy sweater (less) (17226) > Baseball top (gold/pump) (15763)

Under    Pumping up (15641) > Pallas ([12005]) > Art teacher · Gray [extract] (11740) > Ink & middot; Skirt (Dream) (11327)

& Emsp; set: sheep coat [reconstruction]> warm velvet cape (Figure)> down vest [extract]> as usual [streamer]> grandmother’s present (gold/ pumping)

Socks  Set: Mori Socks (Drill)> Knot 喵 铛 & & 星 星 星 星 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 睡 哒 123 [123]

Socks & emsp;  Snowy Night Moonlight [Flower]> Christmas Cocoa (Gold/Pumping)> Warm Maple Sugar (Gold/Pumping)

Shoes  Sub:Mori Snow Boot (Gold)> Plus Fleece shoes (gold / pumping) > high snow boots & middot; white (medium & middot; gold / pumping)

makeup & emsp; & volume: dumbfounding (streamer) > Fig.]> Count of Cats [氪] & gt; 鸳鸯喵 鸳鸯喵 〔 〔 (puzzled) > 苦笑 [Flower]

Fluorescent Spirit: Fairy Tea (Jie Jie Yun) > Raspberry Mousse Jie Jieyun〕 & gt; guardian white bear 〔〕 & 星 星 星 星 魔法 [Jie Jie Yun]


head & emsp; & ensp; Yeluo [streamer] &g t; warm daylight [streamer] > purple & middot; hats & drapes; > green hats & caps & nbsp; & nbsp; brown ear caps & drapes & nbsp; & nbsp;

& nbsp;&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&; Rare [in · public/extracted]> retro cap (clock tower) > sea soul scarf [extract] > mint cap (gold)

hair   & ensp; card: soft velvet [ Fig.]> Fun Card (Pictures)> Dreams (Set & middot; sleep)> Future (sleeping)> Warm winter (fewer)

Ear & emsp; & ensp; Flowers: Mechanical Angels Drilling>> Heart and Moon Fox (stars) > Desperate feathers (grit) > Grey wolf ears (medium· male)> Dark brown wolf ears (male)

Ear &ensp Decoration: light Rui (Gold) > static heartbeat (Figure) > warm winter earrings (less) > Holy Wish (Christmas) > Synthetic Metal [Fubao] > Snow Pompon & Middot; Big [Gold]

Wai    Towel: Winter encounters [streamer] > snowflake cocoa [extracted] > natural gift (gold / pumping)

item    chain: [FIG divergent tie]> soft bow tie (medium & middot; streamer) > love collar & middot; blue (medium & middot; enter & middot; reconstruction) > santa star bell (pictured)

jewellery· right: bowknot Ribbon · blue [medium & middot; day and night] > bow tie streamer (day/night) > catkins bracelet (figure) > bloom neon (picture) > bow & bracelet; red (gold)

hand Decoration · left: puppet ribbon (drill)> God’s pen (four gods)> Jiejieyun’s dessert (gold)> Laurel bracelet (gold)

jewelry & middot; double: purple · Gloves & draperies> Lunar Gloves (pictured) > New Life Day (Clock Tower) > Scorpion Gloves & Diddles; > Fleece Sleeves & middot; Gorgeous & nbspin & middot; Gong

Hand & middot; Right: Peach Hearts (Gold/Pumpkin) > Protect Bear (Bridal) > Prick Syringe (Drill)> Dream Voice & middot; Gorgeous (in & middot; Refactoring)> Paw Plush bag [Dream room]

Hand-held & middot; Left: Warm (sleep)> Concise phone (streamer)> 喔Basket (Golden)

waist & emsp; & emsp; Decoration: Blessing Horn (Christmas) > Guang Hanpei (pictured) > Love Gift Box (Figure) > Small Apron (Photo) > Opella Bear(Picture)> Return to Gold (gold)

Accessories · Special

Face    Decoration: Fireplace Messenger [氪]> Sleeping insects 〔Sleeping〕> Aurora Glasses (Streamer)> Sharp Eyes [Dreamroom]> Streaky Pork Bag (Golden)

Chest   Decoration: Pressing Red Bow [氪] > [Drilling]> A bell 氪 氪〕 常 雪人 雪人 & & mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid 新年 新年 123 123 123 (123)

Meng Bear Eye Mask [Login] > Little Freckles (Figure) > Red Cheeks (Figure) > Watch Star (Pictures) > A Kiss [Time Limit] > Summer Memories (Golden)

Wing    BANG: Eternal Power (Clock Tower) > Blue Sky (pictured) > Light Fantasy (Map) > Wings of Dawn (phantom) > Wings of Little Devil (Picture)

Tail   Ba: Lingrui Monkey’s Tail (Gold)> White Eagle’s Tail [Pumping]> Jinfu Monkey’s Tail (Gold)> Rabbit Ball [Male]

前前  景:一夜鱼龙舞〔氪〕> Dancing youth (金)> 霜小虎(图)> 急急如律令[钻]> Lovely friend (图)> Swing bear Sign in)

After  Beauty: Reclining Rabbit Spirit [Stars]> Nightmare Clinic (Pictures)> Good fortune 〔〕 〕 Battle-rolling (Fubao) > Christmas Eve present 〔Set· Christmas 〉

Top  Decoration: Colorful Dreams (Set· Sleeping)  May Rose[Grit] & gt; Holy 棺[氪]> Broken yoke 〕

Place   Face: Fortune Roll (Curve)> Warmhearted companion (Drilling)> Star Reversal (Set· picture)> Greedy Panda (Picture)> Fun Celebration 〔Drilling〕

Skin   Skin: Enthusiasm [Login] > Skateboarder [limited time] > Enthusiasm (limited time) > Broken Puppet (Figure)

Well, the above is the love of Nikki-Dress UP Queen, commissioned by Xiaobian to 12-2. How to match the cold night in Ao Lun City, please pay attention to the 18183 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen area for more exciting content.

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