Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s audio listening activities

What is the description of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s audio listening and listening activities? Let’s take a look at Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s audio-visual listening event.

Activities Introduction

1. Time of activity: February 8th 5:00— February 25th 23:59.

– The guest house “Message Board” will receive a message from Zhu Yu, where you can visit Zhu Yu’s hut.

– “Waiting for a Visit” is also available.

2. There are four weak lights in the Zhu Yu hut, suggesting where to click.

3. Click on the “Cloak” (Crib) in front of Zhu Yusheng to get Zhu Yu’s dream “Hongmei Spot Snow Robe” set.

4. Click on “He Jie Qing Zhu” behind Zhu Yuxi to open the “Qing Chi” to the secret chamber.

5. Click on the “East Sea Knight” on the right side of the chamber to get a 20-point voucher regardless of whether you choose to take it away or return it.

– You can click once a day to get 20 or more heart rate coupons.

6. Click on the “double row of bells” on the left side window of the main house to obtain 4,000 gold coins in ten seconds by clicking ten times.

– You can click on it every day to get 4000 gold coins.

– Time is sufficient due to limited number of clicks.

7. Click on the “Golden Terrace” on the right side of the balcony to find 15 branches.

– If you choose to take it, you will get it directly without penalty.

– If you choose to return, 15 stream yarns will be given.

– You can click on it every day to get Nightmare Stick / Streamer Yarn / Wrought Stone.

– Judging from past experience, there are more nightmares to break down furniture than stream yarns, stream shadow yarns are more than wrought stone, and everyone can choose whether to return them according to their reconstruction needs.

8. The visitor Zhu Yuxian needs to set up a court of equals & middot; limited-time pavilion and federal home & middot; all limited furniture in limited time can be obtained.

– Visitor Invitation Method: Cabin Information – Cabin Visitor – Invitation

9. A total of 27 pieces of furniture in limited time, original price of 6025 coupons, full 6000 minus 2000.

– It is recommended that you purchase one gift card at a time to enjoy the most exclusive discounts.

10. In addition to daily tasks, it is also possible to obtain a heart rate voucher by accelerating cleaning (approximately 1 drill/48 minutes).

The above is the entire description of the listening activities of the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen cabin.

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