Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen commissioned 12-2 Cold City Night Outcomes with Oren City

How does Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Union 12-2 match? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Cold Night Night Match in Ao Lun City, recommended for everyone today is Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen League Commission 12-2 Winter Night with collocation recommendation.

Checkpoint weight: Simple: Lively: Cute: Pure: Warm = 0.4:0.8:1.2:0.8:1.2

Checkpoint tag: Winter B

npc skills: smiling picky Cinderella sleeping

Recommended skills: blowing kisses to avoid picking


hair    type: cheese Cake · Rare [in · Gong/Ping]> Shuangrui (gold)> Innocent encounter ([bridal gown]) & loppy · Gorgeous (in & middot; male)

Even   & ensp; Skirt: Make your unique recollection (sets & middot; pumping) (37068) > For your surprise (sets & middot; pumping) (36677) > Fleece Halter skirt & middot; Gorgeous (in & middot; Gong) (36159 )

On   Clothing: Christmas Sweater (Photo) (17453) > Maple Sweater (Lesser) (17226) > Baseball Top (Gold/Hole) (15763)

下  installation:gray knit skirt 〔 pump 〕(15641)> octagonal 〔〔〕 〔〕〕 (12005)> art teacher · ash (extract) (11740) > Ink & ink & middot; [dream] (11327)

outer & emsp; & emsp; cover: sheep coat [reconstruction] & gt; warm velvet cape (figure) > down vest [extract] & gt; as usual [streamer] > Grandma’s Gift [Gold / Pumping]

Socks   Set: Mori Socks (Drill)> Knot 喵 铛 [铛]> Starry Night Dream (Sleeping)> 咯 哒 哒]

Socks  Sub:Snow Moonlight [Flower]>Christmas Cocoa (Gold/Pumping)> Warm Maple(Gold/Pumping)

Shoes &emsp Sub: Mori snow boots (gold) > plus velvet shoes (gold/pumping) > high snow boots & middot; white [medium & middot; gold / pumping]

makeup   Content: stunned (flowing)> 眸雪眸 (图)> 伯 伯 [氪]> 鸳鸯喵瞳[抽抽]> 苦 无 [flowing]

Spirit of Fluorescence: Fairy Tales Afternoon Tea (Jie Jie Yun) > Raspberry Mousse (Jie Jie Yun) > Guardian White Bear [啵啵] > Star Magic Array (Jie Jie Yun)


Head & e Msp; Decoration: Wind from the leaves (streamer) & warm sunlight (streamer) > Purple · Hats & Pumps > Green Hat & Pumps> Brown Earmuffs & Pumping

Head   Yarn: Red Cloak & middot; Rare [in · Public/Pump]> Retro Cap (Clock Tower) > Sea Spirit Scarf [Pump]> Mint Velvet [Gold]

Hair    Card: Gentle velvet (pictured) & gt; Fun card (picture) & gt; Dream 憧憬 (set· sleep) & gt; Future 憧憬 (sleep) & gt; Warm winter accompanied by 〔〕 Less

Ear  flower:Mechanical Angel(Drill)> Heart & Moon Fox'[Star]> Desperate Feather[Grit]>Grey Wolf Ear(Med & Middot;Gray)> Dark Brown Wolf Ear 〔〕〕

ear & emsp; & ensp; decoration: light Rui (gold) > static heartbeat (Figure) > warm winter earrings (less) & gt; wish (Christmas) > synthetic metal [Fubao ]> Snow pompom· Large(gold)

Wai   Towel: Winter encounter (flowing)> Snowflake cocoa [extracted]> Natural gift (gold/pumping)

term & emsp; & ensp; chain: [Figure] colorful tie & gt; gently tie〔定·流光〕> Love Collar & middot; Blue [定·进·Reform]> 圣星星铃(图)

手工 手· 右:蝴蝶蝴蝶流飘·蓝〔Did·昼夜〕> Bow tie streamer (昼夜)> Catkins (Pictures)> Blooming neon (Pictures)> Bow Bracelet · Red (Golden)

手工 手 ·左:Puppet Ribbon (Drill)> God’s Pen[Four Gods]>Jie Jieyun’s Dessert(Gold)> Laurel Bracelet(Gold)

Hand & middot; Double: Purple & middot; Gloves Pumping]> Lunar Gloves (Picture)> On the Day of Rebirth (Clock Tower)> Flower Gloves & Gloves & Gloves & Dust Velvet Sleeves & middot; Gorgeous Hand & Hand;

Handheld · Right: Peach Heart Packet (Gold/Pumpkin) > Protect Bear (Rome)> Prank Syringe (Drill)> Voice of Dream & middot; Gorgeous (in & middot; reconstruct)> Paw-Plush Dream House]

Hand & middot; Left: Warm (sleeping)> Constellation Phone (Streamer)> 喔喔 提 提 〔 〔

waist & emsp;  decoration: blessing horn (Christmas) > Guang Hanpei (pictured) > love gift box (figure) > small apron (Figure) > Opella Bear (picture) &gt ;Return to zero and restart (gold)

Accessories · Special

Face & emsp;  Decoration: Fireplace messenger [氪] > Sleepy insect (sleeping) > Aurora Glasses (Streamer) > Sharp Eyes [Dreamroom] > Pork belly bag (gold)

Chest   Decoration: Pressing red envelope [氪] > Stopping morning bell (drill) > A bell 氪 & 〕 常 雪人 雪人 mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid 新年 新年 新年 新年 [123]

&    身:萌熊眼罩 [Login ]> Little freckles (Figure) > Red Cheeks (Figure) > Watch Star (Picture) > A kiss of refusal (limited time) > Summer Memories (Golden)

Wing    Bambi: Eternal Power (Clock Tower)> Blue Sky (pictured)> Fantasy Fantasy (Pictures)> Wings of the Dawn (phantom night) > Little Devil’s Wing (Picture)

Tail   Ba: Ling Rui Monkey’s Tail (Gold)> White Eagle’s Tail (Pumping)> Jin Fu Monkey’s Tail (Golden)> Rabbit Ball [Medical]

Front   : One night fish dragon dance 〔〕 〕 Dance youth (gold) & gt; Frost tiger 〔〕〕 急急急律律令 [drill] & gt; Cute friends (Figure) & gt; Swaying Bear [Login]

After  King: Bunny Rabbit (stars)> Nightmare (Figure)> Wealth Winner [氪] > Battle System (Blessing Bag)> Christmas Eve present (Set · Christmas)

Top  Decoration: Colorful dreams (set & middot; sleeping) > May Rose [grit] & gt; Holy 棺 [氪] & gt; Broken yoke (graph)

Surface  Face: Money Rolling (Curve)> Warmhearted companion (Drilling)> Star Inversion (Set· picture)> Greedy Panda (Picture)> Fun Celebration (123)

Skin   Skin: Enthusiasm Sunshine [Login] > Skateboarder [limited time] > Enthusiasm (limited time) > Broken Puppet (Figure)

These are small to give us the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen City Union commissioned 12-2 Oren cold nights with high recommendation, please pay attention to more exciting content 18183Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen area.

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