Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Guide to 12-1 Star Chart High Score Collocation Recommendation

How about Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s 12-1? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Guide High score collocation recommendation, today Xiaobian wants to bring you Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Alliance commission 12 -1 Star chart guidelines with recommendations.

Checkpoint weight: Gorgeous: Elegant: Cute: Pure: Cool = 1:0.87: 0.4: 0.53: 0.4

Checkpoint tag: Wedding dress SS

npc skills: smiling picky sleepy cinderella

Recommended skills: blow kiss smile free sleep


hair    type: Lan Ruo 〔Culture light〕> Ghosts & middot; Rare [in · public/extracted]> Graceful fox (gold)

Even & ensp; clothing & ensp; dress: dream wedding [wedding] (40113 )> If it is to the [bridal] (39828)> Wisteria flower vows [wedding] (39828)

Shang    clothing: phoenix and phoenix [clothing] (20143)

下  装:富贵牡丹牡丹裙[婚婚纱](20068)

外  套: 祥云盘蕊· 靛〔定·云禅〕> 绢蝶翼 [图]> Flower Moonlight (Pumping) > Wandering Hat (Drill)

Socks & Emsp;  Set: Twilight Footsteps (Fantasy Nights) > Skull [Night] [Enchantment] > Cherry ]〕

socks & emsp; & emsp; sub: continuous 〔〕 〕 奶 strawberry milkshake & middot; rare [in & middot; gong] & gt; 瀚 瀚 瀚 〔 [streamer]

shoes & emsp; & emsp Sub:Marrying (Graphic)> Flower Wedding Shoes (Figure)> Embroidery (Photo)> Initial Time (Gold)

Makeup   Capacity: Mermaid Dream (Summer)> Heart of grief [Feng Yue]> Charm of all beings (in · Fig.)

Spirit of Fluorescence: Neptune 棠 [绫罗]> Stardust Waltz [Sophia] > 森之灵镜 [ Chloeris] & gt; Time Flower Rain (Sea Cherry)


Head   & ensp; Decoration: Pure Love Flower (Gold) > Snow fall Sakura (pictured) > Baihua (drilling)

Head   Yarn: To Kane (bridal) > Flower veil (Figure)> Dream yarn [Figure]

Hair    Card: Cardamom Complex (bridal)> Strawberry Cake & middot; Rare [in · gong] > Cherry’s Memories (pictured) > Confusing Wings (darkness) > Saucer Crown [Picture] > Flower species [氪] > Snow (gold)

Ear & emsp; & ensp; Flower: Ear of an orc (photo) > Dark brown wolf ear (male) > Sand]

ear   decoration: pure love earrings [drill] > autumn leaves cool 〔〕 〕 〖 retrospective wind (achievement) & gt; retrospective dream 〔set· diagram〕

Wai   Turban: Soul Bones [昼] [魑魅]> Charm collar · Miracle (定·进·图)> 天 天铃〔繁星〕> Star Cloak ·暗定·进·小铺〕

Item    Chain: 钻链(金)> 花嫁颈饰[图]> 粉结颈 [V11]> 锁连环〔Four Gods》> Singing Song (Gold)

Crafts & middot; Right: Decorated Sakura (pictured) & gt; 落蕊珠 · 青 [定·图]> Meeting of Clouds 〔Fengyue〕> Lily Bracelet (Picture)> Lu Ruizhu (Picture)

Crafts & middot; Left: confession of the wind [Fengyue]> Proverbs and Drills [Drill]> God’s Pen (4) God] & gt; & Gt; beads sea & middot; rare & intake [Middot; male/female]

jewellery & middot; double: true wish 〔bridal br>> 邂逅 爱 〔 婚纱 婚纱 婚纱 gt gt 勇 勇 勇 勇 婚纱 婚纱 婚纱 婚纱 婚纱 婚纱Grooming Gloves (Graphic)> Ginger Gloves (Figure)

Hand & middot; Right: Good 〔Flower〕 〕 霁 月 诗 [Fengyue] & gt; Strawberry Basket & middot; Matcha (Med & Middot;进·公〕> 馥郁之喻(进·Reformed)

Hand ·Left:Fairy Tale [Picture]> Bright cane · Gorgeous (in · 图〕) ii Quan Yingyue (Fourth World War) > Yun Yi Fan [Stars]

Waist & emsp; & emsp; Accessories: Dream Ceremony [Dream] > Lily Waist [Picture] > Steam Belt > Sea Night Song [Summer] > Semitone Scale (Drill)

Accessories & middot; Special

Face    ]> Cold Sigh (Fengyue)> Clown Mask (Figure) > Dream Dream Mask (Masquerade)

Chest   Decoration: The birch forest’s secret · 〔定·进·公〕〉> Gear bag (Figure)> Drunken shade [Fengyue]> The secret of the birch forest · Rare [in ·公〕

纹   Body: The Spirit of the Four Elephants (Fourth World War)> Sleeping & middot; Morning [Feng Yue]> The Nether World (Figure) > The Rose Fever [Feng Yue]> The Bloody Stars Track (Set· Blood Moon)>> Red Cheek (Figure)

Wing    Bulky: Wheel of the Ice (Fengyue)> Angel Wings (Early Nights)> Wings of the Hollowing (Xia Mo)> Wings of Glazed Glass Month]

Tail  Pak: Southwind feathers [limited time] > Abyss Wing (phantom night) > Supersonic cruise (Fukuboshi) > Jackal’s tail · 〕

Front    King: Shining Gold Award (Gold) > Red Gift (Set· Limited Time)> Floating Moonlight (Streamer) > Butterfly Dance (Achievement)

After  King:Eternal Clock (Drill)>Merry Carousel(Pictures)> Ice Cracked Plum Window(Forbidden City)> Rugby Board(Figure)> Taiwan (Gold)

Top   Decoration: Wire yoke (in & middot; Fig.)> May Rose [Grit]> Predicted Star Wheel [Grit] > Pulse Slamshell福袋〕

地地em  面: 花颜月貌 [福袋]> secret of time [风月]> 鹊桥交会[图]> 雁之羽 [氪]> Ladder [bridal]

skin & emsp; & emsp; skin: string puppet [in & middot; fig] > passionate melody [limited time] > broken puppet (pictured) > passionate sunshine [Login] > skateboard Sister 〔limited time〕

Well, the above is Xiaobian to bring everyone love Nikki-Dress UP Queen commissioned 12-1 Star chart guide with high score collocation recommendations, more exciting content, please pay attention 18183Love Nikki- Dress UP Queen area.

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