Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen3.16 Daqi Fashion Garment Guide Activity Award List

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen On March 16th, Daejeon’s limited-time clothing and clothing activities again struck. The big sister told Ye Kwai’s window-seat achievement package to be rewarded. Oh, what did Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen accomplish when Ye Kui’s window sill finished? Let’s watch it together.

Event Time: March 16th 5:00 – March 25th 23:59

Event Description: Daejun limited time clothing completes Ye Kui’s window sill

Event Reward:

Star Coin * 88 + Physical Strength * 88 + Gold Coin * 8888

All of the above is the love Xiaobian brings to you. Nikki-Dress UP Queen 3.16 Daqi limited time clothing Raiders activities reward list, more exciting content, please pay attention to the 18183 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen area.

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