Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen cherish memories of clothes that are not easily soiled

How about Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s clothes that are not easily soiled? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen cherishes memories of 2018.3 – clothes that are not easily soiled. Today’s small series is for Love Nikki- Dress UP Queen is not easy to dirty clothes high score Raiders.

Checkpoint weight: Simple: Lively: Mature: Pure: Keep warm = 2.4:3.6:2.13:1.2:1.2

Checkpoint tag: Denim C

npc skills:

Recommended skills: flying kiss smile picky sleep


hair   & emsp; type: winding gradient [sets & middot;福袋〕> 鸳鸯奶茶〔少〕> Color 配配· 黑 [定·图]> Innocent 偶遇 [婚纱婚]> The trend of the forefront (钻 〕 &) & ;; Auspicious egg shop (金)

Even   clothing & ensp; skirt: floating shadow · red [medium & middot; drill] (36932) > garden & middot; yellow 〔small shop〕 (34992) > girl mind & middot; blue 〔〕 〔33671)

On   Clothing: Goddess· Silver Sweater (Gold) (20142)> First Clouds & Middot; Blue[缥缈] (19080) > Growth · White (Gold) (18196)

下  PACKAGE: Desert Journey (gong) (20868)> 初云裤·墨 [定·缥缈](19408)> Dragon Fruit Assortment (Drill/ Pump) (19074)> Classic Jeans (Lesser/Sucker) (18924)

Outside   Club: Unreplaceable [Sucker]> Slim Fit Cotton [Pick]> Pioneering Spirit (Picture)> Casual youth & middot; yellow 〔small shop〕

socks & emsp; & emsp; sets: 结 喵 喵 福 福 福 福 福 福 福 福 福 福 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 mid mid mid mid mid mid mid · 匣 匣 mid gt gt gt gt gt 〔 〔 〔 [dream Square]> Mori Socks (Diamonds)

Socks & emsp;  Child: Unstable [bamboo bag] > Old Time [Pumping] > Purple White Stripe [Dream Room]

Shoes  Children:Off-road shoes 〔purchase〕> Ordinary rubber boots· powder 〔purchase〕> 璀璨 璀璨 · 〔 〔 mid · 〕金〕> 高帮板鞋· 黑 [定·小铺]> Rabbit Dance [Dreamroom]

Makeup  Capacity: Sapphire [small shop]> Fighting Invitation [Fubao]> Hippie Clown (Drilling)> Red Gold Reincarnation Zen [Picture]

Spirit of Fluorescence: White Deer’s Blue Cliff (Weaving Dreams)> Descendant Deer (Weaving Dreams)> Rabbit and Romance (Weaving Dreams) > Snow Blade (Dream Dream)


Head   Ornaments: Fukuchichi (Fukuboshi) > Camouflage Hat (Figure) > Shallow [Figure] > Black baseball cap Fig.] > Little Detective (Gold)

Head     Yarn: Red cloak & middot; Gorgeous [in & middot; Gong/Peng] > Sea Soul Scarf [pull] > Red cloak [public/ Pumping] = Flower Girl

Hair    Card: Beaver Spell (Gold)> Fun Card (Picture)> Crayon Hair Card (Picture)> Warm winter companion [Less]

Ear & emsp; & ensp; flower: lion’s ear (cockroach)> mechanical angel (drill)> extremly feather (grit)> gray wolf ear (medium & middot; male)> dark brown wolf Ear

Ear   Decoration: Salted fish earrings (gold) > Flowers in full bloom 〔 Less〕

Wai & emsp; & ensp; Towel: Suddenly hehehe (drill) > Colorblock Scarf (Drill)> Natural Gift (Gold/Pumping)

Item    Chain: Fleece Bone Heart Chain [Drill] > Scarf & middot; Feather 〔Set &middot ;gold〕≫ Wild collar (pictured) > Bravery (gong) > Items (gold)

Hand & middot; Right: Popcorn machine (set· Fig.) > Drill]> sacred guardian (dream house)> belief double ring (drill)> bow bracelet · red (gold)

jewellery · left: jade bracelet [picture] > Gold]> Red Rubber [Male]

Craftsmanship & middot; Double: Camo Gloves (pictured)> Melaleuca (drill)> Purple & middot; Gloves [Extract] > Spirit of hunter Male] leather gloves (gold / pumping)

hand-held & middot; right: cylindrical sports bag & middot; blue [medium & middot; small shop] & nbsp; razor & middot; blood 『定·入·图]> Courier postal parcels (Medium mail) > Popular weathervane (drills)> Paw-powder pouches (Middle & Dream);

Hand-held & middot; Left: Era in time (Picture)> Shower Bucket [Picture] > Give a chestnut (gold)

Waist & emsp; & emsp; Decoration: Assassin Waist [Picture] > Reset to zero [Gold]

Accessories · Special

Face    Accessories: Sleepy Sleeper (sleep) & gt; Color Face Clown (Picture) > Paint Mark [Login] & gt; Heart Heart Cross [Dream Fang〕> Pork belly bag (gold)

chest & emsp; & emsp; decoration: lianfu yunyun [kuangguang]> white rabbit sugar [dream]

pattern    Body: Shining Sight [Login] > Moe Bear Eye Mask [Login]

Wing & Emsp; & emsp; Rive: Light Speed ​​Wing (Illustration)> Eternal Power [Clock Tower] > Little Devil’s Wing (Picture)> Blue Sky (pictured)

Tail  Bat: Rabbit ball [gong]> White snow bell (Christmas)> White Tail [Punch]> Graduation Cat Tail [氪] > Lingrui Monkey’s Tail (Gold)

Front   King: Plumed Bluebird [Medical]> Swinging Bear [Login] > Mechanical Messenger Bird [Male]

  King:Funnyland(Picture)>Absurd Land[Drilling]>Rabbit Rabbit[Rhythm]>Holy Fireplace(Pictures)

Top  Decoration: Colorful Dreamland Set ·Sleeping)>Destabile(Picture) May Rose[Grit]>St. [棺]

Place  Face:Rotate Ball(Picture)> Sakura tea (set· fondant)> Bloody Hall [昼] [魑 魑 〕] & gt; Colorful Celebration (钻)

Skin & emsp; & emsp; Skin: Skateboarder [limited time] > Enthusiasm Login]> Enthusiasm (limited time)> Broken puppets (Figure) > Puppets (in & middot; Figure)

Well, Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen cherished by Xiaobian. Reminiscent of clothes with high scores that are not easily soiled, please see the 18183 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen section for more exciting content.

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