Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen 12-6 how to match the new trial Raiders

How does Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen commission 12-6? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s 12-6 Raiders, League commissioned Aeth’s new trial scorer, Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen How to collaborate with the 12th chapter of the 12th chapter? Today Xiaobian wants to bring you the S-level matching recommendation of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s 12-6.

Checkpoint weight: Simple: Lively: Cute: Pure: Cool = 0.93:0.93:0.67:1.6:1.53

Checkpoint tag:

npc Skills: Smile picky Cinderella Sleeping

Recommended skills: Blow kisses smile free sleep


Hair    Type: Messy & middot Red [medium & middot; stay up late] > hairy maiden · black (drill) > Messy buds & supper 〕 & gt; angels & middot; purple 『定·氪〕>> macaron sweetheart (金)

Even & ensp; Clothing & ensp; Skirt: Mu Ling Song & middot; Smoke (Fund & Middot; Four World Wars) (30482) > Voyage (sign 17) (29923) > Sailor Girl & middot; White (drill) (29662)

On   Clothing: Floral [Friend] (17920) > First Clouds & Middot; Blue [缥缈] (17478) > Hyacinth [Gold / Pumping] (16167)

Underneath   PACK: CLOUD Pants · Blue [缥缈] (16984)> Pearl Shawl · Blue [Set · Drill / Pump] (15264)> Sky Impressions (Drilling) (1499 1)

Outer & emsp; & emsp; Set: Sea Breeze (sign 17)> Gentle care (streamer)> Excellent pilotage (drill)> Fluoranthene · Gorgeous (in & middot; public/extracted)

Socks  Sleeves: Hologram (Pictures)> Heaps of Socks (Dreamworks)> Green onion band [Xia Mo]> Rivers and Lakes [Drill]> Butterfly Dance Gong〕

socks & emsp; & emsp; child: fairy tale & middot; gorgeous [in & middot; public / pumping] > cherry blossom stockings (Figure) > wings spread (gold)

Shoes  Sub:Margaret (Golden)> Dream Creek (Fourth World War)>Feather of the God of Love (Set·Drilling)>Relaxed Wood (Golden)

Makeup & emsp &Espsp;Room: Pure Angel (day and night)> Kitahara (Gold) > Cloud Lady (Drill)> Love’s Power (Drill)

Fluorescent Spirit: Dawn Harp (Crow) Reese]> Nebula Illustrator (Orlando) > Moonlight Flower (Crories)> White Deer Cliff (Fusu)> Lingxi Magic Deer (Fusu)


Head  Decoration: Frog Fun Headband [Summer]> Cherry Honey· Yellow [Set· Pumping]> Non-destructive poetry[昼][Exorcism]> Love Evil Aura 〕

Head   Yarn: Flower veil (Picture)> Red maple satin & middot; Rare [in · Gong/Ping] > Blood Maple satin [Public/Pump]

Hair    Card: Dance of Cherry Blossom (Picture)> Raccoon Spell (Gold)> Washing Sand (Golden)

Ear   Flower: Mechanical Angel (Drill)> Dark brown wolf ears 〕 orc ear (Figure)

ear & emsp; & ensp; decoration: fantasy magic (drill)> pink diamond earrings (sign 5)> light years outside (drilling 〕

Wai & emsp; & ensp; towel: cross knot & middot; mint (medium & middot; dream)> mint (Figure) > Star bow tie (picture) > Psychopathic (Drill) > SLR camera [Dream room]> Cross knot [Dream room]

Item    Chain: Soft pink knot]> The knot of the god of love (Drill)> The star velvet ribbon (Figure)> The pearl necklace & middot; The cherry (drill)> The snow night romance [氪]> The glass star [Dream]

Crafts & middot; Right: Knot of rope (pictured)> Glowing around [drill] > Doll wrist (drill)> Anonymous solicitation (gold)

Craftsman · left: Cuiyu Bracelet (Figure) > Jiejieyun dessert (Gold)> Doll Ribbon [Drill]> Laurel Bracelet (Gold)

Handicraft & middot; Pair: Red Riding Hood’s hand ring [Withdrawal] &gt Memory card (gold)> Starry night (set· picture)> Heart of love (drill)

Hand · Right: Fairy shotgun (pumping)> Pray for wind chimes & middot; blue [medium & middot; four battles] lollipop [in & middot; gong] > youthful countdown (gold)

hand · left: bitter not plucked> gt; Doll (Picture)> Little Red Riding Hood’s basket 抽 红 红 日 日 gt 科技 科技 科技 · Lemon 定定·梦坊坊

Waist  &e Msp; decoration: sweet cheese [check 15] > strawberry butter bear (medium & middot; fig) > love gift box (figure) > zero reset & restart (gold)

accessory · special

Face   Decoration: Sharp Eyes [Dream]> Colorful Face Clown (Picture)> Incidental (Drilling)> Heart Shaped Candy (Picture)> Shining Summer [ Drill]> Su Su’s daily routine [123]

chest & emsp;  ornament: leader’s emblem [login] > adorable bear pack [drill] > fluffy powder backpack (set & middot; drill)> ; Rocco’s small bag [=]> blue shoulders (medium · little)

pattern    body: red cheek (figure)> watch star (picture)> eager to kiss [limited time] & gt; freckles (figure) & gt; bloody star orbit (set & middot; bloody moon) & gt; shine 〔sign}

wing &rm; bladder: light pink fantasy (map) & gt; Wings (phantom night) > blue sky thoughts (Figure) > Icewheel (Fengyue)> Eternity Power (Clock Tower)

Tail  Bat: Wings of Eros (Diamonds) > Fluffy raccoon tail (drill) > Warm brown tail (medium · honoured) > Running song (figure) > Cold black iris (medium · honour)

Previous  &emsp Scenery: Eternal Rain (Picture)> The Miracle Circus [Drill]> Swinging Bear [Login] > Magical Green Leaf (Drilling)

After   Scene: Walking in the Green [] > Dripping Rack (Drilling)> Gorgeous Kingdom (Drilling)> Absurd Paradise (Drilling)> Funny Land (Pictures) > For Sky (Drilling)

Top   Ornaments: Colorful Dreaming [set & middot; sleep] > broken yoke (graph) > May Rose [sanding] > foretelling star wheel [sanding]

earth   face: spinning ball [fig. ]> Sakura tea (set· Fig.)> Hall of Blood Temple [昼][魑魑魅]> 倒星倒转[套·图]> 大喵的绝技[氪〕

皮    Skin: Enthusiasm Sunshine [Login] > Skateboarder [limited time] > Broken puppets (Figure) > Enthusiasm (limited time) > String puppets (in & middot; Fig.)

Well, the above is how Xiaobian made Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen 12-6 how to match with Ai Si’s new Trial Raiders. For more exciting content, please pay attention to the 18183 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen area.

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