Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen 12-4 how to match with the wind fitness invitation Raiders

How does Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen entrust 12-4? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s 12-4 Raiders, League Committee’s fitness invitation high score Raiders, Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen alliance tenth How to collaborate with the fourth chapter of the second chapter? Today, Xiaobian wants to bring you the S-level matching recommendation of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s 12-4.

Checkpoint weight: Simple: Lively: Cute: Pure: Cool = 1.2:1.13:0.53:0.67:0.4

Checkpoint tag: Sports Department B

npc skills: smile picky sleepy Christmas

Recommended skills: Blow kisses smile free sleep


Hair    Type: Powder Sakura leaped (pictured) > Cold 〔〔定·兑〕〕> Handsome heroic figure 〔pic〕> Jumping girl 〔god〕

Skirt:  · Huang Xiaopu (37686) > Sailor Girl & middot; White (drill) (35858) > Girl Heart & middot; Blue (Lesser) (21278)

On    YA (Gold) (17044)> Cherry Soda (Gold/Pumping) (16876)

Under   PACK: Peach & Middot; Pants Skirt (Gold/Pump) (17135) > Full Development (Gold) (17044)

Outer & emsp; & emsp; Set: Hopscotch (less) > Pioneering Spirit (Graphic) > Hops & Middot; Light Blue (Middle & Middot; Less) > Carbonated Beverage (Gold) ]

Socks  Set: Knot 结 铛 氪 氪 gt gt gt 袜 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 梦 星 星 星 星 gt 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 塔 mid mid mid ·匣子〕> 森系袜套[〔)

袜  子: lava sweetheart [limited time]> 三三振 Stockings (图)>gt环 五袜(gold)

Shoes & emsp; & emsp; Child: Learning Path (Gold) > Normal running shoes & middot; Red (medium & middot; pumping) > Regular rubber boots & middot; Powder [Extract]

Makeup & emsp; & emsp; Hippie Joker (Drill)> Pure Angel (Closed)> Playful Sweetheart [Login]> Youth Storm [Login]

Spirit of Fluorescence: Bailuqingya (Fusu)> Lingxi Magic Fairy 〔Fu Su〕> Rabbits and Romance (Jie Jie Yun)> 衔 鹿 [Fu Su]> 雁雪刀[越千霜]


Head   Ornament: Ace Medal (answer) > Cortical goggles (figure) > Wonderful hat (figure) > Smart Headphone · Virus (medium & diamond)

Head   Yarn: Flower Girl (Music)> Sentimental Memories (Weaving Dreams) > Red Cloak & middot; Gorgeous [in · Gong/Peng] > Sea Spirit Socks [Extract]

Hair   Card: Riddles Spell (Gold) > Heart of Love (Drill) & gt; Strawberry Cake [Medical] > Orolo’s Birthday Song (Gold)

Ear   Flower:Mechanical Angel (Drill)> Dark Brown Wolf Ear> Ear of Orc (Picture)

Ear   Ornament: Warm Heart Follow [Flower]> New Year Bell · Qing Ding · Four World Wars> Dream Earrings [Login] > New Year Bell (Four Seasons) > Red Fruit (Golden)

Wai     Towel: Suddenly hehehe (drill)> Cross knot [Dream room]> SLR camera [Dream room]> Jin Jin (pictured)> Colorblock scarf (drill)> Natural gift (gold/ pumping)

Item  Chain: Wild collar (Picture)> Items (Gold)> Glass Star· Yellow (Set · 兑)> Smiley collar (Picture) > GlassStar & middot; powdered & powdered

Crafts & middot; right: popcorn machine (set· fig.)> luminescent surrounds [drill] & gt; lemon bracelet & nbsp; & gt; bow & bracelet &middot Red (gold)

Craftsman · left: doll ribbon [drill] & gt; jiejieyun dessert (gold) > jade bracelet [picture] & gt; laurel bracelet (gold)

Crafts & middot; double: full-fledged [answer] > Guardian of Friendship (Gold) > Melaleuca (drill) > Fantasy Bracelet [Middle & Dream;]

Hand & middot; Right: Golden Grand Slam (answer) & gt; Carrot bag & middot; Gorgeous (in & middot; gong) > Cylindrical sports bag · Red (medium & middot; small shop) & gt; Fantastic hula hoop (set· Drill]

Hand-held & middot; left: eager to try (drilling)> Little Red Riding Hood’s basket (pumping)> warm yellow dim light [gong]> bitterness-free] > retro spoon (gong)

waist  decoration:return to zero (gold)> small apron(picture)> assassin waist ornament(figure)>love gift box(picture)> Meteor Shower (Picture)> Opella Bear (Picture)

Accessories · Special

Face Decoration: Sleepy Sleeper (Sleeping) &gt Color face clown (Figure) > Pork belly (gold) > Easy bubble [less] > Incidental (drill)

Chest Ornament: Headman’s emblem [Login] > Fu Lianyun (Court) > Anchoring Bag [Sign 17]> Time Box (Weaving Dreams)> White Rabbit [Dream]

Pattern Login] > Red Cheek (Picture) > Watch Star (Picture) > Shine Pleasure [Login] > A kiss with [Time Limit] > Summer Memories (Golden)

Wing Bilge: Wings of Little Devil (Picture) > Blue Sky Fantasy (Pictures) > Eternal Power (Clock Tower) > Fantasy Fantasy (Pictures) > Speed ​​of Light Wing (Pictures) > Wings of Dawn (Magic Nights)

Tail  Bat: Rabbit ball [gong]> Running song (picture)> Wing of love god [drill]> Fluffy raccoon tail (drill)

Front&emsp ;& Emsp; King: Chiyan Football [limited time] > Swaying Bear [Login] > Blue Jays [gong] > Miracle Circus [Drill] > Dandelion Rain (23)

After &emsp ; King:Absurd Lands (Drilling)> Funny Land (Pictures)> Spring Festival [氪]> Rolling Miss [氪]> Cigarette Snow [Gold]

Top &emsp ;Decoration:Colorful dreaming (set·sleeping)> Broken yoke(Graphic)> May rose(sanding)> Predicting star wheel(sanding)

Place  Face: Rotating Balls (Pictures)> Blood Hall [昼] [Enchantment] > Cherry Tea (Set· Fig.)> Colorful Celebration (Drilling)

Leather   Skin: Passion Sunshine [Login ]> Skateboarder [limited time] > Broken puppets (Figure) > Enthusiasm (limited time)

All right These are the Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen 12-4 With the introduction of fitness inviting Raiders, more exciting content, please pay attention to the 18183 Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen area.

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