PUBG Mobile guide Newbies are the few to use

Rifles are indispensable main weapons in every shoot-out game. They are trajectory and stable, with high damage and range. Far, it perfectly meets the overall needs of the players and can be considered as a kind of all-round firearms. With such a high status, many novice players have become interested in the performance of each rifle. In fact, it is a good idea to pick a gun for your own use. Here is a good way to talk about new guns. It is best to get started with a few rifles.



This gun is not known to the novice. It is too high, but after you use it, you will never forget it. The main advantage of this gun is that it has a good feel of fire. Although the rate of fire was not M4 high, the power did not slam AK , bullet drop was also a serious one in all rifles, but Scar The overall performance of -L is good, and neither partial nor backward, all performance is in the middle.

Shooting speed is not fast, but novice players are usually fired, Scar-L The feeling of sweeping shots must be known to everybody, and it is a matter of course. If you suppress it, you will not be able to suppress it. When coupled with compensation and vertical, it will be even more powerful. No one can match it! In addition to God-level rifles GROZA .



Friends who have played this gun will immediately become The loyal fans of GROZA , even if the fire speed is abnormal, even if the stability is the top of the rifle, the mid-range shot can easily hit a Grand Slam, close range The speed of Yin Yinren can also be laughed with the spray and it is the glory of the rifle community.

Strong, this word can summarize all of the GROZA , but such a strong gun No limit is possible. Therefore, it is unquestionably tied to the airdrop. But this does not hinder everyone’s praise and enthusiasm for it. You can see how many people go for it and how many people take risks. Airdrops go to places where the smoke is filled with smoke. In fact, it is GROZA Charm.



How can I miss a spot-fire type rifle? AKM is a well-known single-minded little prince whose heat is never low in all firearms.

One-point feel is good and stable, this is a single point Prince must have evaluation, but the damage is fast and fast When you get this gun next time, try it and you will know. You will certainly be exclaimedThe bullet speed of a single-point rifle can be so fast, and the range of AKM is also extremely good. Everyone knows that the range of GROZA is actually not ideal, so many bigwigs do not want to choose GROZA to play remotely, so their first choice is usually AKM Now.

With the multi-magnification lens, AKM can be a rifle with a slamming ability, and want to practice. Sniper newbies, starting with AKM , may be a good choice.

Everyone has their own gameplay. If you like guns, fire, and the pursuit of ultimate killing, then Sccar-L Is your first choice. GROZA It is a time to take risks. In this era of stability, try not to wave. If you like shooting, killing and enjoying the perfect killing, then AKM will not be bad with you.

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