PUBG Mobile guide [Novice Guide] to stimulate the battlefield Meng new parachuting site selection Raiders

PUBG Mobile stimulates battlefield parachuting is a technical activity, jump in a good place to win at the starting line, will not appear landing into a box, select a good skydiving site is also a technical job, today we will introduce What are the best places for skydiving?

Military Base (Airport)

The military base is the best place to search for weapons and advanced equipment on the map. Of course, benefits and risks At the same time, there are many places where there are many goods and supplies. The military base can overlook the entire top and stairs in the sky. When you jump down, you can see the military base is very large, and the resource density is also very good.

There are two storage tanks in the military base, each of which is in line with the shape of Six Brothers. The efficiency is relatively high, and the location of storage tanks is a commanding point for military bases. It can also be used for exploration and attack. The longest gun in the assembly workshop is the most, and it is also the site where everyone should go for the most search in the early period. The search efficiency of 14 assembly workshops throughout the military base is extremely high. The barracks area is also very affluent. The entire barracks area is very wide. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to killing people before and after the barracks area is collected. If the luck is good, a barracks can form a graduation package.


Schools are a rare place to settle. The precise location of the school is usually based on the roof of the school. The probability of brushing guns in the right part of the school’s roof is very long. A player in a school of hegemony schools must not only quickly and accurately land at the school, but also must quickly look at the enemy’s position while landing.

When falling to the top of the school building, first kill the person with the gun nearby, and then kill. The gunman, if he falls on the roof of the school and the bad luck gun has been robbed by the enemy, don’t be in a hurry to get the gun at the first time, jump directly from the top of the building or go down the tunnel to get a gun and avoid the player who gets the gun first The frontal collision is the king’s way of living. Don’t mind the amount of blood lost when jumping. The second floor of the school is very safe.

Air-raid shelter

The position of the air-raid shelter may not be very clear. The air-raid shelter is located near L-Hong Kong. The air-raid shelter is rich in fog and other materials. Locally, if the chicken friends can preempt occupying the air-raid shelter, the development of the game is not to worry about. In the safe area, the air-raid shelter is usually in the safe area, and there is no need to waste time running.

It is important to note that the bomb shelter is prone to robbery because there are too many choke points and narrow tunnels in the bomb shelter. Easy to transfer to meet love or be attacked by the front and back, facing the dilemma of no bunkers, so once you hear footsteps, it is best to set the ambush at the end of the tunnel, so you can better kill the enemy.

The above is the location of the jump point I introduced to you today. I wish you all a good dinner and eat chicken!

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