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Speaking of PUBG Mobile stimulating various unpopular skills on the battlefield, many players are very much looking forward to it. After all, if you want to improve your ranking in the game, it is very difficult to master some skills without some skills. Here are some of the cool but extremely useful skills that people have come up with in the game. I believe that you will learn a lot from these skills.

Parachute landing

Parachuting is one of the skills that each player must master. First of all, it is necessary to grasp the timing of the opening and the flight path. We all know that between the two points, the line segment is the shortest and the line segment is straight. Therefore, if you want to land in the shortest time, it is extremely necessary to fly straight to the target point. As shown in the figure below,

From the above figure, we can see that it is obvious that the middle flight route is the shortest one. . Also know that after the paragliding in the game, the gliding distance is generally about 250 meters. How to control this distance is particularly important, so that you can guarantee priority over the landing of the enemy and reach the target point accurately.

Finally, let’s talk about the use of tips after landing. At the moment of landing, we will find that the task will have a pause in both hands. Then if you release the rocker and drop the rocker forward again when it lands, then the mission will move forward with normal speed while holding the ground in both hands, directly ignoring the pause of this time period, even if the opponent lands at the same time, You can also find weapons faster.

Listening to the Defence

Arguably listening to the argument should be a technique that players are all familiar with. However, because the PUBG Mobile stimulates the uniqueness of the battlefield mechanism and sound system, it is difficult to distinguish enemy positions without paying attention to details. If you hear the sound of a car on the move, stop it at this time as soon as the gunshots are heard, and then you can easily tell the direction by listening. Of course, this is the need to wear headphones.

Whisper Shooting

Not only when two guns are fired Shooting, but also spell IQ. If you face up with each other and face each other in close proximity and shoot at each other, you will be shot while squatting down and the subsequent bullets of your opponent will be shot. Because the gun’s recoil will greatly affect the opponent’s shooting direction. You can shoot at the same time as you are under the arm, and the advantages are clear at a glance. If you use this method in the mountains, your opponent will immediately lose your vision. At this time not only can you avoid bullets, but also can quickly fight drugs, and observe the manual static.

Preview probe

Aim at the system with a cover The enemy, after opening the mirror, decides whether to use the sideways or standing posture to shoot directly, depending on the bunker. Can greatly reduce the time to open the mirror to find the target, extremely fast attack target.

Moving Shot

Moving Shots Many players have a misunderstanding. . Think shooting key can only click. There are many players who think that they need a three-finger operation. It is a big mistake! Normally, the fixed fire button on the left is used only when the card is stuck and not moving. If we are moving, as long as we aim at the enemy, while holding down the right side of the shooting button and then drag the screen according to the target, you can adjust the sight, and also can complete the operation such as gunshots.

Do you think that if you look at the above, you have a good harvest? Try to play in the game.

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