PUBG Mobile guide “PUBG Mobile” Meng new counterattack advanced history, masters are so refined

What is game play? Win a word, I only say once ~ as a new Meng must have its own “game Raiders”. For “PUBG Mobile” this kind of high-tech games, it is necessary to have its own unique game experience. How is the master really made? Everything starts with skydiving!

Start with a crotch and hang A pants off, this is a lot of Meng new to play the game often state, a bullet did not shoot it, they stunned, and many times even the “cruel murderer” did not see the surface.

Then, for this problem How to solve it? First of all, the degree of familiarity with the environment directly determines the new state of survival. The game map is indeed very large, only as familiar with the map as possible, we can better follow-up experience, although not to say that you want to know that there are bunkers in that place, which place may have “Voldemort”, but at least about common sense Judgment is still necessary.

Second, it is To learn to regulate some of your own game behavior, don’t be silly on the road without any trouble. You must know that you are here to kill people, not to stand in the street, ah, pro!

Meanwhile, in terms of behavior Another point, do not rely on their own preferences, the more important for the choice of equipment is to choose a real and practical, not everyone can shoot with submachine guns, not everyone is suitable for playing tricks .

After you know the taboo, let’s talk about our correct way to open the game.

The first thing we need to do is specify the operation. Do not know how to shoot, how to change the clip, do not even know how to pick things up, go to the wall for three seconds, and then go to see the key settings …… And some high-end operations, this will need more to go See how some big gods come to play.

Secondly, we must be good at using the topography and landforms. The basic theory system must have ah. Going down the slope to do other snipers with bunkers, although this kind of person generally pays attention to orphans, but can not stand alone for many years of single-handedly—— shooting fast, shot accurate!

“The Art of War” :“Workers must first sharpen their tools to make good use of their devices, and it is also very important to fully grasp the characteristics of every equipment in the game. The basic range, the size of the quasi-heartedness, and the different sounds emitted by different firearms are all needed. Learn to explore, as long as we do, our new era will eventually pass, the old driver or something, sprinkler ~ 123>

As a competitive game, it is always being slaughtered. This game is not fun either. To experience a more comfortable experience of this kind of “feeling like flying”, (not to say that when skydiving, flying in the sky & hellip; …) there is no plug-in. There is no great god band, that is, we can also sprout a new counterattack, let them know, howl for a shotgun for cannon ~!

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