PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie Guide] game before the new players must read the rules of the game

In the past, the shooting game mechanism was simple and easy to understand. Players used firearms to aim at the enemy and fired and shot the enemy to win. During the game, players only need to consider how to increase the marksmanship. The most recent “chicken” game is not so. It belongs to the category of shooting competition games, but it incorporates many new elements. It makes the game more difficult and the players have more problems to think about. Photon Studio produced genuine PUBG mobile games, the number of players participating in the chicken game is increasing rapidly, but there are still countless new players do not understand the rules of the game, the game is stumbled, it is inevitable that some Unhappy. Here I explain to the players who have just started to understand the relevant mechanisms of the game, hoping to sprout new players gain.

First of all, the new player must be aware of such a thing: how to be considered the ultimate victory? In this mode, all the other players die. Only if you survive, this is a victory. In the team mode, if the whole team or some members of the team persists to the end, they will win. Each game will be divided into a group of 100 players, these players to fight each other to fight, grab resources, survive to the end.

After the exercise site is ready, players will fly to the battlefield and mark their destination before landing and landing. After the player enters the house, he can search for a few supplies. These materials include firearms, medicines, armor, accessories, etc. It will be a long way to survive. It is only for the better to survive. With them, you can have more. Good fight against the enemy.

In the early stages of the game, there will be a larger security area, with greater security outside the security area. A circle, which is called a poison circle. If the player is outside the poisonous circle, the blood volume will continue to drop. The safe area is shrunk every once in a while, and the donut shrinks inwards, and the speed of contraction increases with the number of times. Players can choose to kill or flee when faced with an enemy, but they can only choose to flee in the face of the poisonous circle. As far as possible, ensuring that you are in a safe area is the greatest guarantee for victory.

In the middle of the game, there will be an air drop, that is, the plane passing somewhere, and dropping supplies. In these airdrops, there are some items that are not on the map, which can make the combat effectiveness of the players even stronger. So don’t be fooled when new players come across red-smoke containers in the game. After observing the surroundings with full attention, you can pick up the materials after you have not seen the movement of the enemy.

In order to help players enter the safe area at a faster speed, the game has also prepared many vehicles. They can be used in waters, and some are used on land. These vehicles, like those of firearms, are randomly refreshed at the beginning of the game.

In addition to these, Meng new players should also pay attention to a detailed problem, which is different from the shooting competition games played in the past. After the player is attacked, if the enemy does not have a silencer, you can find the enemy through the map in the upper right corner, and the location of the gunfire will be marked on the map. Similarly, the firearms held by players do not have silencers. After the fire is fired, the gunshots will be deafening and expose their position.

It is not always possible to play games on the battlefield. Of course, just knowing that these rules can only be regarded as an entry point, if the new players want to stabilize their chickens, there is still a long way to learn. By learning from others’ experience and constantly practicing, they will develop high-end techniques.

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