PUBG Mobile guide Take the opportunity to avoid bullets and easily advance into the finals

In the shooting competition game, how to avoid the enemy’s fierce attack and fight it back to defeat the enemy is always a problem that the players study and a skill they hope to master. In this PUBG genuine mobile game produced by Photon Studio, the ballistic trajectory is real, like an actual drill, making players learn how to survive in the hail of bullets. If players can master high-end life-saving skills, they will be as good as they are. They will be able to play in the game to the finals and compete with their rivals. The possibility of eating chicken will also increase.

I. Using Terrain Advantages

The maps of this game are huge and the terrain is intricate. Some places are potholes and some are raised and raised. Players must be good at using these innate terrain advantages to help the enemy in the process of engaging with the enemy. If a player encounters a gunfire attack while progressing toward a certain area, quickly determine which direction the enemy is. After confirming the general position of the enemy, he retreats backwards. Under circumstances where the enemy is dark, it is not conducive to fighting with him. If there is a covered object such as a tree or a stone, move to the back and observe the position of the enemy patiently. If there is no such masked object and the player is in the wilderness, you should observe the surrounding terrain and choose a place where you can avoid the enemy’s firepower, straight down and squat, and then move to the blind spot of the enemy.

II. Mastering “snaking and walking” &

Many players are always filled with emotion. In the course of their battle with their enemies, it is clearly their own guns that were fired first, but before the enemies died, these players were puzzled. Taken together, the position of these players is too rigid, and straight forward or backward can easily become the target of the enemy. If the player grasps the snake-like walking position, it will increase the difficulty of attacking the enemy, and can also kill the enemy. Snake is a kind of reptile, its walking way is crooked, left and right shaking, players can follow this way of walking, and increase the jump movement appropriately. As a result, the enemy needs to constantly adjust the sightings and even feel dizzy. After players learn this kind of walking skill, even if they encounter enemies in the wild, and there are no obscure objects around, they can retreat.

Third, use the vehicle properly

The vehicle is this A common thing in the game, it can help players quickly reach the designated location. In the eyes of the new players, the role of the vehicle is just that. Some players may even worry that they will be attacked by enemies on the way to the vehicle. The vehicle will be destroyed by the enemy, triggering a chain reaction, being affected by the vehicle, and the game will end in failure. The speed of the vehicle is faster, and sometimes the enemy’s attack is ineffective and there is no need to worry about anxiety. And the role of the vehicle is far from the same, it can both serve as a cover object, but also allows players to confirm the position of the enemy.

When many players ride a vehicle, they are shot at the moment and they jump at once, but they lose their way. It is too late to wait until the enemy is found again. At this critical juncture, the player can slow down, then jump off the car, walk around the vehicle, confirm the position of the enemy according to the spark of the enemy’s bullet and the skin of the vehicle, and use the car as a cover to confront the enemy. However, it should be noted that the vehicle will cause huge damage after an explosion. Players should pay attention to the specific conditions of the vehicle and prevent it from being affected.

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