PUBG Mobile guide PUBG Mobile What brothers are going to do, these conditions do not save

In PUBG Mobile’s group row, there is such a setting that teammates who are knocked down can be helped by other teammates, although this setting is The number of slots was unclear, but after accepting it, this setup seemed to be quite sensible. However, it was supported by the enemy and it was very likely that it would lead to the collapse of a team. To avoid this incident as much as possible In this case, everyone has become extra cautious about helping others. In some cases, the brothers can only be abandoned. In order to let everyone know when to look at his teammates, let’s talk about those games. Can not talk about feelings.

Teammate Chong The house is knocked down, and you still don’t have

For this kind of teammate who loves to die, it must be not a good friend. No one would be willing to save, but to be honest, in this case, even if he is really your good friend, he must not be saved. Why? There is only one answer. In this case, if the enemy does not kill him, he will be hooked on your behalf. If you want to re-open him, then you are just a wave of real guys. If you are desperate to play late in the game, you do not want to. If you give up lightly, your primary goal is to try your best to wipe out the enemy. As long as the opposite is destroyed, the teammate will be saved. However, the prerequisite for salvation is that the enemy will let him slip in the exchange of fire with you, but the reality Normally, the enemy will easily replace him in the face of a crisis. Therefore, when you are knocked down when you are rushing to the building, you have to consider whether you want to bet on it, or whether you will run straight and you will decide.

Teammate Plain After being knocked down, ten thousand guns pointed at you

When talking about emotions most of all, it is In the middle of the plains, if teammates were knocked down in the plains, it was absolutely, absolutely, and absolutely impossible to help. After all, people had guns and pipes on their heads, and you were saved. Those who wanted to survive would break the car and run directly. of. If you really want to be saved, you must first have a high power lens, you must have a look at the marksmanship, a bunker, and then you can do something with the enemy. However, even if you win, you will find it difficult to save. Enemies that are attracted by gunshots will soon arrive. Not to mention that you have such a sweeping view of the place. Even if the marksmanship is no better, the enemies from all directions can take you.

Teammate Final The circle was knocked down and slipped.

The game was knocked down in the finals, as long as it was not a player. Will save it, if you save, then it shows that you may not want to win, if the way to save people is to kill the enemies around, then you save even more saved, after the enemy has won, to save an egg , But even though the words are so absolutely, there are still ways to save them. For example, behind you is the donut circle. In front of the bunker, this can be saved. In other cases, you can only see if the enemy has grenade.

Stability of group formation It is based on the sacrifice of teammates, but stability is also crucial for stability. For example, sometimes it cannot be said that the above situation cannot be saved. Look at the terrain and look at the enemy. The most important thing is to have smoke bombs. Rescue necessary. Therefore, save is not saving people is also very reluctant, and all look at the game experience of the players, like those teammates down a direct run of the players, we must not learn, otherwise it is likely to be caught up with real friends.

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