PUBG Mobile guide [Novice] familiar with basic operations, lay the foundation for master

Although this PUBG genuine mobile game produced by Photon Studio restores endgames in multiple ways, it is not much different from this, but the specific operation methods and endgames are just like the difference. In mobile games, operations are done through touch screens. MoE new players are not familiar with these operations. They get into trouble after playing games. Even some players who have been exposed to the same type of games often make frequent mistakes. Only by understanding the basic operation of the game, the player can make a breakthrough, go further, learn more high-end skills and become the master of this game.

After entering the game, the top left of the game shows the number of remaining players and the number of players defeating the enemy. Through this data, players can intuitively determine the tactics they need to stabilize chickens.

In the lower left corner of the screen, the player can perform the following operations: left-handed shooting, joystick control, and viewing the backpack. These operations are all obvious. Most players are accustomed to using right-handed shooting, but in some specific situations, it is more convenient to use a left-handed shot to select a right-handed shot that requires moving the guns to sight. Joystick control flexibility, which allows players to manipulate the character to move in all directions. While viewing the backpack is not only to observe what materials they have picked up, during the viewing process, the player must also throw away some space-consuming materials or equip some useful accessories to the firearms.

Just below the screen, the player can perform operations such as replenishing medicines, switching firearms, using melee weapons, and loading bullets. . If the player’s blood volume is not full, you can choose to use different drugs depending on the actual situation. If you do not know the effect of the medicine, you can view the relevant information by opening the backpack and clicking on the medicine. The firearms are switched to adapt to various types of terrain operations, and when a player attacks one another with an enemy, a bullet of one of the firearms is lighted. In this case, filling the bullet is a dangerous behavior. At this imminent moment, the player can switch to another gun and use it to attack the enemy, simply and quickly. The melee weapon is very practical in the early stage of the game, causing far more damage than the fist. After the new player has shot several rounds of ammunition, he may forget to load the bullet. If he encounters the enemy later, he is likely to lose.

At the top right of the screen, there are maps, continuous running, and free viewing angles. Meng new players to develop a good habit of & mdash;— view the map anytime, anywhere, so as to clear their own purpose, to confirm where they should go next. And through the map, the player can learn a lot of information, such as the exercise signal, gunshot orientation and so on. Holding a run is a simple operation that is practical and can be used when a player goes straight to a certain area. The role of free perspective is larger, but it is always ignored by new players. After holding down this button, the player can observe changes in the surrounding enemies and make adjustments accordingly. This operation can be used while continuing to run and guard a certain place.

In the lower right corner of the screen, right-handed shooting, viewing angle conversion, jumping, crouching, and lying down are displayed. The right-handed shooting is the same as the left-handed shooting. The conversion perspective refers to the switch between the first-person view and the third-person view. After the firearms are equipped with the zoom lens, the first-person view is more useful. Jumping over the wall and avoiding enemy attacks, squats and lying down to lurk or hide. These three basic operations are used frequently, and new players must master it.

Each basic operation has its own meaning, and new players should not overlook a basic operation too much. The importance of In the operation setting interface, players can adjust various operations according to their preferences. For example, the left and right probes, smart pickup materials, etc., in the game during the operation of awkward, click on the settings button in the upper right corner of the screen to adjust and modify. I also hope that the new players will be familiar with these basic operations as soon as possible, to the master!

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