PUBG Mobile guide to understand what to do before and after, in order to eat chicken steadily

Shooting competitive games have always been relatively popular. One hundred people compete on the same stage. Whoever is able to finally laugh is the king. PUBG’s genuine mobile game PUBG Mobile has attracted countless players. So how do you stand out among many players? What you need is not just great marksmanship, but also one’s strategies and decisions. Then I will share with you the last competitive skills.

I. Prerequisites

The most important point in this type of game is the search for materials in the early period. Only sufficient equipment is available. Take advantage of confrontation. Different local materials in the map are definitely not the same. The local big house will surely have more goods and more people will surely go. Therefore, if you are a player who hasn’t been in contact for a long time, you will naturally choose fewer people. The place is better; and if you are already very skilled, places with lots of supplies are naturally preferred.

Materials can be divided into four categories: weapons, accessories, clothing, and drugs. Weapons in the weapons must be absolutely necessary. If we do not have weapons, we will definitely not be able to fight with bare hands. The first thing we need to look for is firearms. Before landing, observe whether there are other people and the approximate number and orientation. After landing, quickly find a gun. Try to use a non-pistol gun. If someone is very close to you and only has a pistol, the purpose is naturally to pick up and beat someone up. When others land in other houses, don’t be too stupid to carry a pistol to the door to look for someone else.

II. Medium-term confrontation

The search for materials was relatively long-term in the early stage, but the middle period was the outbreak of gun battles and the elimination of most people. Because the material search is almost the same, all the firearms and equipment possessed by them should be possessed. Then the purpose is to rob others of the excellent equipment they have sought.

In the middle period, it began to shrink. The premise is naturally in the safe area and then snatch other people’s supplies. There are three cases here:

First, in the middle of the safe area,

If it is in the urban area, the nearby supplies are estimated to have been searched. Then sit quietly in the room and watch the situation. If you stand tall and look far, if the house has floors, it’s better to be upstairs. If it is not in the urban area, it is recommended not to enter it first, and observe the city in the grassland.

Second, the edge of the safe area or outside is very close to the safe area. Other players who can ambush into the circle at the edge of the safe area may choose to squat or hide in the tree. Behind. After waiting for the next circle, choose your own time based on distance.

Third, it’s a long way from the safe area. Congratulations, this game has become a game of running maps. When you get to the gun, you rush to the safe area.

3. The final round

After reaching the finals, the game will be in its late stage. At this time, the safety zone will become very small. People also become very few. At this time, first ensure that you are not in the danger zone, remember that the danger does not spread immediately before the next lap to run, but first wait to observe the situation in front, try not to expose their position and not be ambushed by other players. If you are in open air grassland, you must pay special attention to it. If you run over, you will only become the target of other players who are lying on the ground, and it is more than one player. The final round will test one more person’s decision, and he will not be able to arrest the yellow tits.

Finally, another important material is the airdrop supply. When there is an airplane, pay attention to the orientation of the airdrop. The best weapons and equipment, but there will be eye-catching red smoke when landing drops, it will attract many players, so it is adventure or stability in your mind. My suggestion is that if you are not far away, you can take a look at the situation and ambush the person who wants to go to the air.

PUBG Mobile: While stimulating battlefield techniques is important, the use of actual combat is the key. Therefore, a lot of competitions, use in competitions, and experience from competitions can only be the last laugh.

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