PUBG Mobile guide PUBG Mobile Want to make waves? Use these tricks absolutely work!

Playing multiplayer competitive games is crucial to teamwork. The success rate of fighting alone in the game is minimal, so a variety of battles emerge at this time. Repertoire, so how can we correctly apply these routines? Here are a few tricks for everyone to learn. It will be easy to learn.

Method 1 :Fishing method

Most of the fishing is to choose to stay close to the airdrop and to replenish the other party. The guns are the most common way to fish. Here are some high-end ones that need to be team-mates. They also have certain requirements for shooting. They need to hit the opposite enemy to the residual blood, but they do not rush to kill directly. Retreat, look for a hidden location, open the high-powered multi-aspect aiming dead player with the teammate in different positions. At this time, you need to have enough patience. The vigilance of the other side is very strong, but the vigilance of the other side will increase with time. Slowly weakening, he will certainly look for a small corner for treatment, and his teammates will come together, then attack again, you can easily destroy the other side.

Method Two :Strong rush method

When you discover that the other party hides in the house, you can choose to use this method. The highest-level defensive equipment (three helmets, three-level body armor) was given to the first player, acting as a meat shield, and carrying submachine guns and sprays. The remaining people left one to play windows outside the building. Throw a few thunder to attract attention. The remaining two took the assault to follow the first person, directly from the front, and after they found each other, they directly set fire to attack and searched each corner to break them one by one. The mortality of the meat shield of this method was higher, but More often than not, the enemy is not knocked out. The enemy may not have time to replace it. This method will also have a higher success rate for the enemy’s pot. A rope is always better than a lot of rope knots. Otherwise, it’s a gourd doll to save the grandfather, one by one.

Method Three :Grenade opening method

This method is the most direct method and is also very effective, provided that each person There are three or four grenades. In the case of discovering that the other team is in a house, four people can directly surround the entire house and make use of windows, doors, and other gaps to directly throw grenades directly in the house. After throwing them, they can directly change positions and throw them, creating a giant. Intensive artificial bombing area, until the other side killed, this method does not need too much cooperation, as long as the other is timid enough on the line.

If there is no bombing, but there are two cases of blow-up, you can attack the building by storm, 4 dozen 2 Take advantage of it.

Method Four : Human decoy method

When using this method, certain prerequisites are required. The first opponent must be on one A relatively small space, such as a wild toilet, but when it is not possible to go near a grenades, a human bait is needed. The remaining three people occupy the highest position directly. One person takes a sniper and holds only a few outcrops. Point, after the preparation, the human bait begins to move directly in an extremely conspicuous position, remember to move, so that if the other side risks shooting, but also a relatively large chance to save their lives, the other side once outcropping, the sniper player must disconnect Killed by guns,Until they are all killed, or our human bait ran to the thunder near. This method requires a great deal of sniper precision, and it must be taken at the moment of the outcrop, otherwise the bait can only become food.

After reading these, it is Isn’t it a bit of a pinch to pull up your own partner to a game? No computer does not matter, now Tencent Photonics Studio is about to launch a genuine PUBG Mobile mobile game PUBG Mobile: to stimulate the battlefield, we will wait and see!

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