PUBG Mobile guide [Newbie Guide] Meng new essential, eat chicken basic vocabulary summary

There is a saying that goes to all parts of the country. He often hears friends around you mention: “Great, don’t eat chicken tonight.” “Some people do not understand the meaning of this sentence, and even mistakenly believe that it is necessary to eat at night. This sentence itself comes from a popular shooting competition game in recent days, which is also known as “chicken” game. The photo studio was produced and modified day and night after tomorrow, and it is highly restored to the end of the game. The “chicken” game is perfectly presented on the mobile phone. More and more players have joined the “chicken” army, feel the charm of this game. However, in the game, Meng new players will always hear a lot of jerky vocabulary words, which look blank, then I introduce you to the new players to explain what is the meaning of some words in the game .

I. Security Zone

If you do not understand the meaning of the term safe zone, you will have difficulty playing the game. . To understand literally, it is a safe area, that is, the area surrounded by white lines in the map. In this area, players will not be harmed by the poisonous circles. If you do not enter this designated area within the specified time, players will continue to lose blood.

2. Run poison

The poison circle will cause harm to players. This is what the new player has already known, and if it is outside the safe area and runs forward to the safe area, this process is called running poison. In the process of running poison, new players should not be over-stretched and watch out for the attack in the dark place. If you catch up with the health value of the poison circle, you can use drugs to make up for the lost health value and continue to move forward until you enter the safety zone.

3. 苟

The meaning of this word is 苟活, the player does not collide with the enemy and hides in a place like this. The practice is embarrassing. Although this behavior is slightly insignificant, it is one of the skills that must be mastered by the new players in this game. It can increase the player’s survival time, effectively improve the player rankings, and pave the way for victory.

IV. Falling into a box

The player is killed by the enemy It will be turned into a small box, and landing into a box refers to the player has just landed on the ground, has not flexed his muscles, it will end the game due to death.

V. Sunset Red

This is a kind of trick for players with poor marksmanship. There is an embarrassing situation with teammates.

6. Courier

In reality, the main responsibility of the courier is to deliver the goods to others. In the game, some players picked up a piece of equipment, all the way to work hard, slammed mountains and wading, but was easily killed by the enemy, their own materials handed over to people, such players were joked as a courier.

7. Playing Wild

This is a tactic in the game. It avoids many areas of the enemy and specializes in picking out some remote houses. Searching gradually makes your equipment more luxurious.

Eight, Water Ghost

This game is not only land There are also large areas of water. Some players like to hide in the water, survive by means of ventilation, and suddenly land ashore when other players approach. Such players are called water ghosts.

Nine, Voldemort

The spirit of Voldemort is almost the same as that of a water ghost, except that it is hidden in dense grass. If other players do not observe carefully, it is difficult to find the traces of Voldemort. When passing from here, they will be suddenly attacked by Voldemort.

Ten, Circumference / Scourge

The safety zone will continue to shrink. If the reduced zone of the safety zone happens to include the player or it is closer to the player’s location, it will become a horoscope; In contrast, the confinement of the Yogyakarta. After the safe area is reduced, players need to travel long distances to reach, and even swim across the river. This is dangerous.

After the new player has grasped the meaning of these high-frequency words, he/she communicates with teammates in multiplayer mode. In the process, you can greatly reduce the situation of not knowing what the teammates expressed. After discovering the enemy situation, these high-frequency vocabularies and teammates can also be used to describe the situation, increase the interest of the game, improve communication skills, and prevent missed opportunities.

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