PUBG Mobile guide understands the deployment of resources to rule the battlefield

Play PUBG Mobile: Most players who stimulate the battlefield want to have a perfect outfit to start. Once you understand the map’s resources deployment, this idea is not difficult to achieve. Knowing how much and how much material is distributed in each region, and knowing where the vehicle is being generated is more likely to occur. This is a basic knowledge of chicken players!

[Advanced Material Distribution Locations] 】

The location of advanced materials distribution is usually in some large urban areas. The areas with the most abundant supplies were G Harbor, military bases and nuclear power plants.

The number of houses in G Hong Kong is almost the highest, so the supplies of G Hong Kong are in abundance. The most important thing is that the quality of G Hong Kong is relatively high. M416 and AKM are not uncommon in G Hong Kong. It is not unusual for the third-level suit to be in G-Gang. The most unlucky players go to G-port and pick it up. Two sets are also no problem.

Military base supplies are very practical. Although they appear to have fewer houses, there are more firearms at military bases. Say it is scattered players, like weapons, military base is definitely your favorite landing site.

The nuclear power plant is a lot simpler than the other two major cities. Although there are no countless houses and firearms here, the quality of the materials here is high, and rare materials are in the nuclear power plant. The proportion of distribution is still outstanding.

The second most advanced materials are located in Y City and S City. P City and P Harbor. Of the four cities, S and P are located in remote areas of the map, but the equipment in the city is still very practical. If the players play four-team mode, each city can meet the needs of four people. Although P City and Y City are rich in materials, they have a high risk factor. After all, the location of the two cities occupies a great advantage. It has always been a target sought after by many players. Therefore, players who do not have exquisite marksmanship must be careful to try.

[Intermediate Material Distribution Locations]

The best R city and school in the terrain may seem to be bustling, but it is not. The materials in these two cities are not very advanced. Although the equipment does not reach the perfect point, it will not disappoint players.

Located on the edge of the map, Z City, M City, and L City are also the distribution points for intermediate materials, but due to geography The location is too remote and has not been favored by players. Moreover, Z City is closer to G Harbor, and L City and M City are not far apart from each other. Therefore, these three cities have been missed by many players.

There are many houses in the rest of the area, and some have excellent geographical locations, but their supplies are very scarce!

[Refresh Location of Vehicles]

Cities where advanced materials are present have a higher chance of vehicle refresh. The most easily reloaded vehicles are the G Harbor, military bases, and nuclear power stations. Around P City and S City, there are many vehicles near these places. As long as the players are looking carefully along the highway, they will always find a vehicle. In addition, on the highway between the school and R city, the probability of generation of vehicles is also very high.

There is usually a refresh near the road, and a few are refreshed in the city. The chances of refreshing the vehicle elsewhere are very small. So if you find a vehicle in the mountains or in the forest, you should be careful.

Although the distribution of supplies and vehicles is not fixed, the probability of the above locations is very high. If the players carefully study them, they will find that these places are the key points for chickens.

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